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  1. pirate medallion necklace featuring black braided leather band with gold medallion with skull in the center dangling showing outdoor color
    Color-Changing Necklace - Pirate Medallion
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Del Sol's unique selection of color-changing accessories are the perfect addition for fun in the sun. From tote bags to beach towels to toys, all of which change from one color to another with exposure to sunlight, every product promises to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. We've designed every product with you in mind, so there's a something for everyone to experience the magic of color change.


Satisfaction. Quality. Longevity. We promise those three things with our WOW! Guarantee, guaranteeing our products will change colors in the sun for life. Everything we sell is made with the highest quality materials available and scientifically blended with our exclusive Spectrachrome® inks. If your item stops changing color in sunlight, let us know so we can get you a replacement.