Mystery Dino Egg Toy

Changes from Clear to Purple, Blue, Red, or Pink with Sunlight


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Experience Del Sol Color Change

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Product Overview & Details

  • Sealed Mystery Egg
  • 10 Dinosaurs in each egg
  • 23 Different dinosaurs to collect that all change color with sunlight
  • Green and Yellow eggs. Order one and be surprised which one you get!
  • Eggs are 3 ½ inches tall and 2 ½ inches wide

  • Crack open a mystery with these Del Sol exclusive dinosaurs! Every time you let them loose in the sun it reveals their dino-mite color change! Discover what color-changing pre-historic mysteries lurk inside each colorful dino egg. Fun for collecting, learning, and playing outside in the sun.

    Each dino egg contains 10 unique dinosaurs. Use the included educational card to identify which 10 of our 23 dinosaurs you've got. Take them out in the sun and find out which colorful creatures will hatch from your egg. Collect them all!

    Make sure to add these dino eggs to your Christmas Shopping Cart as the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite paleontologist!

    Experience Del Sol Color Change


    Much like a flower that blooms when exposed to sunlight, Del Sol's products change colors in the sun using their proprietary Spectrachrome® technology.


    Spectrachrome® molecules in the products shift to colors visible to the human eye when exposed to UV sunlight.


    Del Sol's Spectrachrome® formula for color change was developed from a concept originally researched by NASA for use in space.

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