Frequently Asked Questions

After 20-plus years of selling such amazing products, we’ve gained just as much experience answering every imaginable question under the sun. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, but first take a look at our most common ones.


If you don’t see an answer to your question, please call us at 1-888-660-1958 or email us at and we'll be happy to help.

Products and Technology

What's your secret formula?

Are you tricking us here? It’s a secret! For proprietary reasons, we can’t divulge anything about our products or technology on a molecular level or about the formula itself. However, our proprietary color-changing technology is called Spectrachrome®.

What are the washing instructions for my del sol clothing?

You’ll love your Del Sol shirts so much that you’ll want to wear them every day. That means you’ll be washing them frequently. We recommend washing the items inside out in cold water with like colors, then tumble dry low. Use non-chlorine bleach only, but do not bleach or iron the design as it will ruin the color change.

Are your clothing items chlorine safe?

Our apparel is safe in low levels of chlorine found in swimming pools and hot tubs, but should never be washed with chlorine bleach.

Why is the finish on my Solize™ sunglasses flaking off?

Your Solize™ sunglasses are guaranteed for life and, although it’s rare, flaking is a possibility and not uncommon to all sunglass’ frames. It’s something we’re constantly improving. In trying to improve our formulas, please keep in mind the sensitive nature of all photochromic dyes. They can be adversely affected by most chemicals commonly found in more durable finishes.

Is your jewelry hypo-allergenic?

While there aren’t any regulations for allergen levels in jewelry products, we try to maintain zero minimum level of allergens in all our products.

Do any of your products contain gluten?

No. We’re proud to say we are a gluten-free company.

online orders

How can I track my online order?

Hey, thanks for ordering from us! Once you receive your tracking number by email, you can check the status of your online order by signing into and entering your order number and zip code.

Can I order a shirt online that has a location-specific name printed on it?

Unfortunately, the online store doesn’t offer shirts that are specific to each location. If you’d like to purchase a location-specific shirt, you’re more than welcome to contact a store and order directly from them.

I entered a discount code while checking out and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t worry! We want you to receive your discount, too. Let’s double-check we’re on the same page with how to enter the code. Once you’ve entered the discount code in the text box, press the “apply coupon” button below the text box. Make sure you’re not forgetting any dashes. Only one discount code can be applied to an order. If it’s still not working, give us a call at 1-800-884-5815 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I redeem a Del Sol gift card?

We’re thrilled someone gifted the magic of color change to you! When checking out, select “use gift card to checkout” under the payment method section. You’ll be prompted to enter your gift card code, then press “add gift card.” If you need help, please contact us at 1-800-884-5815 or and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I purchase custom shirts online?

We'd love to make custom shirts for you! Please contact us at for inquiries.

I purchased a shirt from a store location and I want to exchange it. Can I do this through the website?

We hope you love your color-changing purchase but, in case you aren’t satisfied, we’re here to help. If you simply changed your mind, you have 30 days to return it with your receipt. Please contact us at 1-800-884-5815 or

I purchased something at a Del Sol store and don't like it or it broke. Can I get a refund through the online store?

Because a large majority of our stores are independently owned, we can’t refund money for items purchased at Del Sol stores. However, we can exchange it for anything available on the online store.

I still have my free tote bag coupon from my store visit. Can I redeem it through the online store?

All Del Sol stores run different promotions at different times, so the online store is unable to honor the free tote bag coupon.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada.

When will my order ship?

We understand you're eager to see the magic of color change yourself. Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to process. Del Sol ships and delivers Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

guarantees, returns & exchanges

My product stopped changing colors in the sun. How does the WOW! Guarantee work?

We promise satisfaction, quality and longevity with our WOW! Guarantee, guaranteeing our products will change colors in the sun for life. Everything we sell is made with the highest quality materials available and scientifically blended with our exclusive Spectrachrome® inks. If your item stops changing color in sunlight, contact us at at 1-800-884-5815 or so we can get you a replacement.

How does the lifetime guarantee work for Solize™ eyewear?

If your Solize™ get lost, stolen or damaged, simply fill out a Solize™ redemption form to request a free replacement. Yes, you heard that right! You’ll need to enter your Guarantee Code, which is found on the box that came with your Solize™ eyewear. Once that’s submitted, you’ll be prompted to select your replacement pair and billing information.

A small $12 (USD) for domestic and $15 (USD) for international shipping and handling fee must be included, but your new Solize™ should arrive in about two weeks (up to three weeks for international addresses). We can ship them anywhere in the world, so no matter where you are, you can still redeem your Solize™ Lifetime Guarantee.

How long is the turn-a-round time for an exchange or to receive a replacement product from a guarantee?

YWe know you’re eager to get your replacement! Once we receive your item for an exchange or your warranty information, the new order will be placed within 48 hours. From then, your new color-changing item will ship within five business days and arrive within seven to 10 business days. The entire process can take as long as four to six weeks.

Can I exchange my Solize™ sunglasses or redeem my guarantee at a Del Sol store

Because most of our stores are independently owned, the only way to redeem your Solize™ guarantee is to send it to our corporate office. Our corporate address is: Del Sol 280 West 10200 South Sandy, UT 84070

How do I return items I purchased online?

Step 1. Fill out an electronic return form, entering your information. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a packing list.

Step 2. Include the packing list in the box when you send your item to us. If you don’t have a way to print the packing list, please include the RMA ID number from the packing list for us to reference.

Step 3. Return your package via any carrier method you like, however we recommend choosing one that provides tracking as we aren’t liable for any returned packages lost in transit. Unfortunately, we can’t accept Collect on Delivery. You’re responsible for shipping costs, unless you’re returning Solize™ eyewear.

Questions? Call 1-800-884-5815 or email

How do I return the nail polish I ordered online?

We’ll happily send a replacement if the quality of your nail polish hasn’t met your expectations. Because of shipping requirements, nail polish can’t be sent back to us. If you receive your polish and have any concerns, please contact us at 1-800-884-5815 or to let us know why you’re not satisfied. We’ll need proof of purchase before sending you a replacement bottle free of charge.

Where can I get a mailing label for my return or exchange?

We’re happy to offer free returns and exchanges on Solize™ eyewear, providing you a pre-paid shipping label for the return. All other items are your responsibility to return to us, but we’ll cover the cost to ship your replacement.

opening a store

Is opening a Del Sol store a franchise business arrangement?

It’s not. Del Sol stores are independently owned business entities. With that, we have departments and support systems to help assist in running the business.

Do you grant Del Sol store owners geographical exclusivity rights?

Yes! As part of your agreement with Del Sol, you’ll be granted specific geographical exclusivity, depending on the location, foot traffic and potential of the area to sustain a store or several stores.

What kind of sales volumes do your U.S. or international stores generate per year?

This information is held private and confidential by each individual store operator.

Do you have seasonal stores?

We do! Seasonal stores are open for only a portion of the year. Please submit an information request form and we can evaluate your area.


Why should I do this Internship?

We believe we have the best internship out there! If you want to gain great business experience, live where most dream of traveling to and have amazing adventures while you’re at it - this is for you.

We Promise you’ll learn amazing skills to improve your career, check adventures off your bucket list, make life-long friends and have the chance for growth.

Why do you have an Internship Program?

By doing this internship program it gives us a chance to recruit people from all over the country and get the best of the best talent for some of our top stores. Our internship semesters are short, only 3-6 months, so it helps keep fresh, excited energy in the stores and it gives us the best recruiting pool for people to come work for us here at our corporate office.

Is there an opportunity to advance?

Yes! We are always looking for great store managers as well as positions at our corporate office. 65% of the people working in our corporate office started out as interns, including our CEO as well as 3 of the 4 members of our Executive Team. Our goal is to give you the tool you need to succeed, whether that’s with us or with other companies. We have a great network of intern alumni that have gone on to very successful careers with other companies or started their own

Do I need a work permit?

Unfortunately if you are applying from outside of the country we are not able to provide you with a work permit as we are an internship and not a W-2 employment structure. If you are still interested and confident you can acquire the documentation needed, we would love to consider you as an intern!

What do we look for in interns?



            Sales experience…

            Will you make the most of this opportunity…

What does this internship entail?

You will be involved in some or all of the following activities on location:

  • -Retail Sales (this will be the emphasis of your experience)
  • -Participation in Sales Training
  • -Open/Close Store, handle deposits and cash registers
  • -Inventory Management
  • -Hotel and/or Cruise Ship Marketing
  • -Merchandising

The PW Companies Internship Experience is intended to be an entry-level opportunity. However, depending on your growth and available store responsibilities you may be involved in more in-depth projects. The aforementioned list of responsibilities can be limited actual level of capacity and ability. If you are interviewing for the Management Development Internship or Social Media Brand Ambassador your experience will be more extensive.

How do I get college credit for this internship?

Most colleges offer school credit for our internship. It is your responsibility to meet with your counselor to figure out the details. We have worked with many different schools and are willing to make adjustments to help you get the credit you need.

What locations are available?

Each semester our locations differ. This semester we will be hiring for locations including Maui, Kauai, and Big Island in Hawaii, Key West in Florida, San Diego in California, and St Thomas in the USVI! So many amazing locations to live in, we work hard to find the best fit for you and the stores!

Do I get to choose what location I go to?

We first ask people where they WOULDN'T go (because we won't send people somewhere they think they'd hate), then we ask what people's first choices are. We want people to enjoy where they're at but there's a lot that goes into the decision. We believe every location has a certain personality, if you will. Then every manager has a certain style and we take into consideration group chemistry of the other interns. Sometimes it might surprise people how much they love a location they didn't initially consider. We love when our applicants are flexible, eager for this opportunity regardless of location, and can be open to new adventures outside of how they might picture their internship.

Can I apply with a friend or partner?

Yes, please! We love couples and friend groups. Plan on interviewing together once you both apply online.

Is this a paid internship?

Our intern structure is very unique. We provide an expense-based compensation structure vs. an hourly wage. What that means is we pay for flights to and from our location, living expenses such as rent, utilities and internet, transportation funds or a company car, and then we give you a Per Diem each month.

A Per Diem is considered re-imbursement for cost of living, therefore it is not taxed. You receive a per diem each day you are employed with us, equaling $600 per month. On top of that there is opportunity for bonuses and incentives. Those are determined by the manager so they can vary depending on location. Motivated interns make quite a lot of extra money based off of their sales! Other opportunities to earn extra bonus will be presented by our social media and marketing teams throughout your internship.

Do you provide training for this internship?

Yes, we provide training for our interns at our corporate office in Sandy, Utah or virtually. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from industry experts and company executives to help you get the most out of your internship. Everyone is responsible for getting themselves to training and we’ll take care of accommodations if you live outside Utah.

Do you provide health insurance?

No, health insurance is the responsibility of each individual intern.

Does every location have a car?

Each location is different. At the moment all interns in Hawaii and St. Thomas are provided a vehicle to share with their roommates. Interns in Key West and San Diego are not provided company vehicles. Instead we give each intern $300 for transportation. Some interns decide to bring their own cars with them, buy bikes, use public transportation or rent scooters with their extra money.

If a car is provided will I be expected to pay for gas?

You and your roommates will be in charge of paying for gas for the car, this is what the $600 per diem is meant to cover.

If a car is provided am I responsible for car insurance?

Each of our vehicles have car insurance. The deductible for any issues on the car is $2,000. If you get in a car accident you will be responsible for covering the cost of the deducible. If you have car insurance with a lower deductible and would like to use that instead of the provided plan please contact your current provider to add our vehicle to your coverage.

If a car is provided am I responsible for maintenance such as oil changes?

You are responsible for taking excellent care of the vehicle provided. If you notice an engine light on, you’ll be responsible for letting us know and taking the car into a shop. We will cover any cost of maintenance.

How many hours a week will I work?

Interns work up to 40 hours per week, which break out to be 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week with 2 days off.

How do my days off work?

Interns should receive 2 days off per week. One of those days is guaranteed to be with someone from their group. The other is not. It is completely up to the manager if intern should be given any additional time off (family visiting, long weekend trips, birthdays, weddings, etc.). If an intern is given additional time off they can be expected to make up that time.

When will I know my work schedule?

Your manager will email you your work schedule a week before you’re scheduled.

Can I go home for a special event or family vacation?

We prefer our interns to stay in their locations for the duration of their internship.

What is a typical work shift?

Work shifts vary depending on location but most stores are open 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. They have two shifts, opening (9:00 – 5:00 with a lunch break) and closing (1:00 – 9:00 pm with a dinner break).

What are the daily objectives?

Increase confidence in the products. As a Cariloha or Del Sol intern, you’ll be representing the company to all of our partners, investors and customers. Make sure that their confidence in Cariloha and Del Sol is increased through their association with you. You’re an ambassador!

Energy!! Make sure that your store offers the best experience possible for every customer, one that can go hand-in-hand with their vacation. Help all employees to be excited and energized – be an example of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Increase Sales. Much of your time will be spent working with Cariloha and Del Sol customers. By creating the best experience, you’ll ensure that your store is successful financially.

What does a typical day look like?

Your number 1 priority is the customer! When a customer walks through the door, you will be expected to drop whatever it is you are doing and greet them! Every customer deserves a fun and exciting demonstration in order to know what Cariloha and Del Sol is all about! On busy days the stores become a mess! This problem can be frustrating, and we need to do our best to straighten things and make sure that shirts stay folded. Try to use down time to accomplish this task. If there are customers in the store. . .SELL, SELL, SELL. . .the folding will still be there for you at the end of the day! During your shifts you will potentially have periods where the customer traffic is very slow. These times are perfect to merchandise your store. Restocking sizes and colors, folding, and filling in 'black holes' ensures that your store will be in ideal shape when customers come in. Closing the store at the end of the day is a big responsibility. Besides the final cleaning check, you will be counting the registers, emailing reports to your Supervisor, and determining the end of day deposit.

Will I be expected to work holidays and Sundays?

Due to the nature of retail, interns are expected to work on most holidays (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) and will rotate Sunday work shifts.

Can I have alcohol in the apartment if I’m over 21?

No. Even if you are legally able to drink there can never be alcohol, drugs or smoking in the intern apartments at any time (including balconies). That includes friends coming over as well. This is written into our contracts from our landlords so we take it very seriously. Any violations will result in an immediate termination from the internship program.

Can I have friends or family come visit me on my internship?

You’re welcome to have anyone come visit you on your internship! As discussed in days off, you are expected to work your normal work schedule even when you have visitors. There are no visitors allowed your first or last week of your internship because of transition times and schedules. No visitors are allowed to stay in the apartment unless it has been approved through the Internship Department. All visitors should be gone from the apartment at 10:00 pm.

Can I bring a pet with me on my internship?

No pets are allowed in the apartment at any time.

Will I have sales goals?

The Manager is responsible for making the interns aware of their monthly sales projection at the beginning of each month. This is the number the interns are held to for their monthly sales incentive.

How many interns work in each store?

It varies depending on location. Some locations are completely intern run and others have locals that work there as well. Currently it’s anywhere from 4 – 8.

I heard if you get accepted to the program you have to pay a commitment fee, what’s that?

We spend a lot of time and resources on recruiting, hiring and training our intern team. We want to make sure the people we hire are just as committed to us as we are to them therefore if we offer you a position we ask for a $1,000 commitment fee. This reserves your spot in our program. Once you complete your internship you get this right back. You only forfeit it if you decide to leave early from the program or are terminated.

How do I get it back?

You get your commitment fee back on your last paycheck from the company, once you’re completed your internship and turned in all housing (and car if applicable) check out forms.

What happens if I decide to go home early?

If you decide to go home early you will receive your per diem for the days worked but you will forfeit your commitment fee as well as any outstanding bonuses or incentives. You’ll also be responsible for getting transportation home. Once you’re worked your last day you’ll be expected to be checked out of the intern housing in 24 hours.

Can I be terminated from the program?

In the event that your work performance is not up to standards or you have broken any guidelines/rules the manager will write you up and you will not receive your full monthly bonus. If your manager or Corporate feels it would be best if you come home early due to your actions, you are responsible for any money required to do so and similar to the question above, you’ll forfeit your commitment fee as well as any outstanding bonuses or incentives. Once you’re worked your last day you’ll be expected to be checked out of the intern housing in 24 hours.

What is the dress code in the store?

Interns are expected to dress clean, neat, and professionally. You will be selling luxury goods and you’ll want to present yourself in a way that reflects that. Beyond that rule of thumb, the dress code is fairly relaxed, and each manager will decide their own guidelines for their stores.

You will receive 5 tops from Cariloha or Del Sol to wear, if you choose, as a uniform. Any bottoms are acceptable as long as length is appropriate and they’re not overly distressed.

And shoes are acceptable if they’re in good condition.

No unnatural hair color is allowed, and any facial piercings must be studs.

What are your store work policies?

  • Interns cannot have cell phones on the sales floor. They can be placed in the safe if they are worried about safety issues.
  • Intern should not sit behind the counter. If the store is slow intern can be expecting to go outside to talk to customers, tidy up the store, re-stock shelves, count inventory, do training lessons on PW Hub or do proactive marketing.
  • Store computers should only be used for making sales, accepting inventory, cycle counts and PW Hub Trainings unless specifically given permission to the contrary.
  • Intern is expected to be on-time for work, be courteous to fellow employees and manger, have a positive attitude, give 100% while at work, be a brand ambassador at all times (on and off the job), and portray behavior trained at PWU.’