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Turn color-changing products into healthy profits.

Start a Fun Business

Invest in a profitable business venture that's hard work and tons of fun, too. Del Sol is one of the fastest growing tourist-based businesses in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Canada, and it continues to be the number-one clothing retailer in the Caribbean. As a store owner, you share in all the growth and excitement of Del Sol and its bright future ahead! You will own and run your own business, while still reaping the support of an entire corporation and proven retail programs that will help you to be successful. At Del Sol, profits soar in sunlight!

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Ownership Benefits

• We've barely scratched the surface of Del Sol's worldwide market potential. Hundreds and hundreds of non-threat locations and markets exist. • Great stores that open and remain successful. Del Sol has a proven track record of accomplishment for success and minuscule store closure percentages. • Del Sol Corporate is a solid and profitable business entity. Store owners build profit and grow their business with confidence.

• New store ownership creates stronger, farther-reaching promotions and training programs, generating short and long-term store profit. • As we expand into new markets, Del Sol discovers new and amazing business methods and product opportunities.

• Capitalize on Del Sol's proprietary, industry-leading technology and unique, high-quality product line that's recognizable throughout the world. • Join a strong Del Sol store network of better business practices and operating systems.

Expert Service

Exit the ordinary and enter the extraordinary world of Del Sol! The Del Sol shopping experience is magical. For that reason, Del Sol provides expert instruction and assistance for a store's initial build-out process and long-term merchandising procedures. Services include Store Image, Store Fronts, Signage and Graphics, Display Units, Decorative Effects, Window Displays, Store Drawings, and Visual Maintenance Catalogs.

Efficient Data

These days high-stakes innovation is all about efficiency. Del Sol's IT and IS teams have developed a revolutionary information-reporting system called DelSolNet for providing accurate, real-time data to the entire Del Sol community from anywhere on the planet. You'll receive fast, back-end support, accurate, on-time orders, and real-time, dynamic information, which will allow you to predict sales trends, open with less overhead and spend more time managing your sales and marketing efforts.

Skilled Training

Since Del Sol's formation, consistent service and sales training in the stores have been one of our crucial elements for success. We help you and your teams to stretch beyond just product sales - we strive to create and communicate feelings that transform into memorable experiences, helping customers discover Del Sol's magic for themselves. Every product released, promotion launched, build-out created, and design developed bares Del Sol's brand and mission to create fun, joy, smiles and memories under the sun!

Absentee Ownership

Del Sol offers owners the opportunity to operate their business from afar through its world-class Absentee Ownership Program. Drawing from our Executive Manager (see details below) pool, we train and staff Del Sol stores all over the world with experienced, motivated managers to oversee daily store operations; including inventory management, merchandising, sales training, marketing and promotions.

Experience & Responsibilities

Executive managers work directly with Del Sol absentee owners and with Del Sol headquarters during their management experience. Managers will also assist owners with general operations of the store. Absentee owners enjoy a program that's customized to their needs - we can manage for a short period of time until local management is identified, or for a long-term assessment.

Executive Management Program

• A number of stores are currently operated by absentee owners. • Absentee owners can either find their own management and staff or use our Executive Management Program. • Maintain your current employment. • Ability to open anywhere in the country or world. • Remain actively involved in your business by traveling, using company intranet, etc...Compensation, Duration & Benefits • Del Sol recruits, hires and trains both managers and sales staff (interns) • Flat monthly fee • Del Sol Corporate pays for flights, housing, utilities, bonuses, wages

Executive Managers have successfully managed million-dollar operations for our company, allowing owners to own and operate a store out of state or out of country. Some of our highest volume U.S. and international stores are managed by absentee owners. Additional company and executive management information is available online at You can also email us at, or call us toll-free at 800.884.5815.