Champagne Manicure

Changes from Champagne to Sparkling Purple with Sunlight


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Experience Del Sol Color Change

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Product Details

Make nails magical with Del Sol’s beautiful color- changing press-on manicure! You will love the unique, bold color-changing colors that they can only get on Del Sol’s color-changing manicures – not available within our nail polish line! 24 individual nails per pack, and 12 unique manicure color options to choose from.

  • Color-changing, ready-to-wear nails
  • Thick, high-quality, long-lasting nails
  • Like two nail manicures in one
  • Changes back to original color without sunlight
  • Easy-to-apply nails, hassle-free removal
  • Two adhesive options (temporary and long-lasting)
  • Safe on natural, healthy nails
  • Experience Del Sol Color Change


    Much like a flower that blooms when exposed to sunlight, Del Sol's products change colors in the sun using their proprietary Spectrachrome® technology.


    Spectrachrome® molecules in the products shift to colors visible to the human eye when exposed to UV sunlight.


    Del Sol's Spectrachrome® formula for color change was developed from a concept originally researched by NASA for use in space.

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