Solize™ Sunglasses

Solize™ Sunglasses



All Solize™ sunglasses have PolarizedPro™ lenses, providing a clearer image with less glare. They protect the eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays by filtering out glare from reflective surfaces. PolarizedPro™ lenses are ideal for activities near the water as they sharpen your vision.

Some Solize™ sunglasses styles include SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses featuring a reflective coating on the surface of the lenses, similar to polarization in that they reduce glare from reflective surfaces. They provide high-contrast viewing, enriching the world we live in and producing a stunning visual performance for athletes, outdoor adventurists and everyday lifestyle wear. SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses allow for dynamic color change with the right angle and light, providing an intense, stylish look. The SPECTRA™ coating adds a mirrored-lens effect that increases contrast and decreases glare. The colored lenses enhance certain colors and block others to help you see clearly and reduce eye strain in various conditions.



Blue SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses enhance color perception and are especially something when hiking and looking at blue and green landscapes. They improve contrast and definition and are useful in both indoor and outdoor conditions.



Brown SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses provide brighter views in poorly lit working conditions. Their red tint enhances contrast and depth perception, working best in partly cloudy conditions.


Green & Silver SPECTRA™

Green SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ and Silver SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses transmit all colors evenly, dimming glare while brightening shadows. They're good for general-purpose use and all outdoor activities as they decrease glare without distorting colors.

Pink & Silver SPECTRA™

Pink & Purple SPECTRA™

Pink SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ and Purple SPECTRA™ PolarizedPro™ lenses heighten and adjust contrast in variable conditions. They enhance visual depth and reduce eye strain.






The Last Pair of Sunglasses You'll Ever Need

• If your Solize™ get lost, stolen or damaged, simply fill out a Solize™ redemption form to request a free replacement

• Every pair of Solize™ sunglasses comes with a Guarantee Card, featuring a unique Guarantee Code to ensure a replacement should your original pair get lost, stolen or damaged

• We've been in business for more than 20 years and proudly stand by our Lifetime Guarantee for Solize™ sunglasses

• We offer a wide variety of styles and colors with our Solize™ collection so you're sure to always find a pair that suits your needs

• Each pair of Solize™ comes with a soft case to protect your sunglasses everywhere you go

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Solize Guarantee


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"I have searched and searched for the perfect pair and finally found them in these. They fit great, don't give me a headache (which some of the name brand sunglasses do) and they look good." - Ray T.