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Color-Changing Nail Polish - Peek-a-Boo

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• Matte finish, adding a classic pop of color
• 5-Free: No harmful toxins added
• Never tested on animals
• Round bottle and cap, maximizing ease of brushing
• Easy-to-read label to see indoor and outdoor colors
• Lifetime Color-Change Guarantee
• Top coat OK to use
• Colors may slightly vary due to monitor settings

Okay, we’ll admit it. We love a good prank. If you do too, then this color-changing polish is just what you need. Meet Peek-a-Boo, the most surprising nail polish you’ll find. It goes on clear, but turns to apple candy red when outside. Apply it to your victims when they’re sleeping and watch them react when they’re out in the sun, away from nail polish remover. Peek-a-Boo will be your best kept secret. Not only is it one of our top-selling nail polishes, but Peek-a-Boo is safe too — being 5-Free and never tested on animals.


How Color Change Works:
It's magic! Seriously, it's the magic of Del Sol's proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight. NASA invented it for their space program, and Del Sol enhanced it for everyone under the sun! It's not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is. Learn more here!

WOW Guarantee:
All Del Sol products are guaranteed to change colors in the sun for the life of the product, through normal use. Wash and dry it as many times as you'd like! (Follow specific washing instructions on product labels.)

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