Adult Ballet Jelly Shoes

Color-Changing Shoes - Changes from Clear to Purple with Sunlight!


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Experience Del Sol Color Change

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Start your day under the sun on the right foot with these color-changing jelly shoes. Watch as they magically change from clear to glistening purple with sunlight and then return to their original color without sunlight. Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome™ color-changing technology puts a sun-kissed twist on a popular retro-style jelly shoe that pulls the heart string of anyone who had a favorite pair of jellies as a kid. Sturdy, yet comfortable.

You'll absolutely love these color-changing shoes. 100% WOW guaranteed!

Sizing Note: Because of a unique production variance with our jelly shoes, please order two sizes smaller than normal; e.g., If you normally wear a size 10, order a size 8.

For information about size, visit the Sizing Chart

Experience Del Sol Color Change


Much like a flower that blooms when exposed to sunlight, Del Sol's products change colors in the sun using their proprietary Spectrachrome® technology.


Spectrachrome® molecules in the products shift to colors visible to the human eye when exposed to UV sunlight.


Del Sol's Spectrachrome® formula for color change was developed from a concept originally researched by NASA for use in space.

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