Frequently Asked Questions

After 20-plus years of selling such amazing products, we’ve gained just as much experience answering every imaginable question under the sun. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, but first take a look at our most common ones.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, please call us at 1-800-884-5815 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Products and Technology

+     What's your secret formula?

Are you tricking us here? It’s a secret! For proprietary reasons, we can’t divulge anything about our products or technology on a molecular level or about the formula itself. However, we can say it’s made with photochromic dyes, which are synthesized of organic materials.

Photochromic dyes are typically invisible to the human eye until they’re irradiated by ultraviolet (UV) light (mostly in the 320-400 nanometer range). The peak wavelength (365 nanometers) is commonly referred to as black light.

Upon such irradiation, the dyes undergo a molecular excitation transition, shifting their energy into the visible range of the spectrum. The reaction is reversed by the absence of UV light, so the dyes either won’t go clear again or they’ll take a long time to become invisible if the temperature is below 50°F, even after the UV light has been removed.

+    Can you help with my science fair project?

We love that you’re fascinated by color change like we are! Due to the ever-increasing requests for help with science fair and school projects, and the proprietary nature of our technology, we aren’t able to provide samples or help with these inquires.

We recommend visiting our our blog and searching “photochromic” if you’d like to know how the process works and to get additional details about our technology.

+    Are your clothing items chlorine safe?

Our apparel is safe in low levels of chlorine found in swimming pools and hot tubs, but should never be washed with chlorine bleach.

+    What are the washing instructions for my Del Sol clothing?

You’ll love your Del Sol shirts so much that you’ll want to wear them every day. That means you’ll be washing them frequently. We recommend washing the items inside out in cold water with like colors, then tumble dry low. Use non-chlorine bleach only, but do not bleach or iron the design as it will ruin the color change.

+    Why is the finish on my Solize™ sunglasses flaking off?

Your Solize™ sunglasses are guaranteed for life and, although it’s rare, flaking is a possibility and not uncommon to all sunglass’ frames. It’s something we’re constantly improving. In trying to improve our formulas, please keep in mind the sensitive nature of all photochromic dyes. They can be adversely affected by most chemicals commonly found in more durable finishes.

+    Is your jewelry hypo-allergenic?

While there aren’t any regulations for allergen levels in jewelry products, we try to maintain zero minimum level of allergens in all our products.

+    Do any of your products contain gluten?

No. We’re proud to say we are a gluten-free company.

+    Do you test on animals?

No. We’re proud to say we are a cruelty-free company and never test on animals.

Guarantees and Exchanges

+    How does the lifetime guarantee work for Solize™ eyewear?

If your Solize™ get lost, stolen or damaged, simply fill out a Solize™ redemption form to request a free replacement. Yes, you heard that right! You’ll need to enter your Guarantee Code, which is found on the Guarantee Card that came with your Solize™ eyewear. Once that’s submitted, you’ll be prompted to select your replacement pair and billing information.

A small $12 (USD) shipping and handling fee must be included, but your new Solize™ should arrive in about two weeks (up to three weeks for international addresses). We can ship them anywhere in the world, so no matter where you are, you can still redeem your Solize™ Lifetime Guarantee.

+    How long is the turn-a-round time for an exchange or to receive a replacement product from a guarantee?

We know you’re eager to get your replacement! Once we receive your item for an exchange or your warranty information, the new order will be placed within 48 hours. From then, your new color-changing item will ship within five business days and arrive within seven to 10 business days. The entire process can take as long as four to six weeks.

+    Can I exchange my Solize™ sunglasses or redeem my guarantee at a Del Sol store?

Because most of our stores are independently owned, the only way to redeem your Solize™ guarantee is to send it to our corporate office. Our corporate address is:

Del Sol
280 West 10200 South
Sandy, UT 84070

Online Orders

+    How can I track my online order?

Hey, thanks for ordering from us! Once you receive your tracking number by email, you can check the status of your online order by signing into and entering your order number and zip code.

+    Can I order a shirt online that has a location-specific name printed on it?

Unfortunately, the online store doesn’t offer shirts that are specific to each location. If you’d like to purchase a location-specific shirt, you’re more than welcome to contact a store and order directly from them.

+    I entered a discount code while checking out and it didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t worry! We want you to receive your discount, too. Let’s double-check we’re on the same page with how to enter the coupon code. Once you’ve entered the discount code, press the “apply coupon” button below the text box. Make sure you’re not forgetting any dashes. If it’s still not working, give us a call at 1-800-884-5815 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to help.

+    Can I use more than one discount code when ordering?

Unfortunately, only one discount code is allowed per transaction. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

+    How do I redeem a Del Sol gift card?

We’re thrilled someone gifted the magic of color change to you! When checking out, select “use gift card to checkout” under the payment method section. You’ll be prompted to enter your gift card code, then press “add gift card.” If you need help, please contact us at 1-800-884-5815 or and we’ll be happy to help.

+    Can I purchase custom shirts online?

We’d love to create custom shirts for you! Please contact us at 1-800-884-5815 or and we'll be happy to provide you with information.

+    I purchased a shirt from a store location and I want to exchange it. Can I do this through the website?

We’re happy to exchange any items purchased at any Del Sol store for any product available on the online store. Unfortunately, if the online store doesn’t carry the particular item you’re looking for, you’ll need to contact the original store of purchase.

+    I purchased something at a Del Sol store and don’t like it or it broke. Can I get a refund through the online store?

Because a large majority of our stores are independently owned, we can’t refund money for items purchased at Del Sol stores. However, we can exchange it for anything available on the online store.

+    I still have my free tote bag coupon from my store visit. Can I redeem it through the online store?

All Del Sol stores run different promotions at different times, so the online store is unable to honor the free tote bag coupon.

Opening a Store

+    Is opening a Del Sol store a franchise business arrangement?

It’s not. Del Sol stores are independently owned business entities. With that, we have departments and support systems to help assist in running the business.

+    Do you grant Del Sol store owners geographical exclusivity rights?

Yes! As part of your agreement with Del Sol, you’ll be granted specific geographical exclusivity, depending on the location, foot traffic and potential of the area to sustain a store or several stores.

+    What kind of sales volume do your U.S. or international stores generate per year?

This information is held private and confidential by each individual store operator.

+    Do you have seasonal stores?

We do! Seasonal stores are open for only a portion of the year. Please submit an information request form and we can evaluate your area.


+    How do I apply for an internship?

Knowing you want to join our team puts a big smile on our face. Visit our intern page to apply for a Del Sol internship. We’ll contact you regarding the interview process. If you have specific questions regarding internships, please email

+    Are internships paid opportunities?

All interns are paid as part of an expense-based compensation. Del Sol will cover flights to and from interns’ locations, housing and utilities, monthly transportation funds, monthly per diems for food and miscellaneous items. Interns can also receive monthly bonuses!

+    Can I do an internship with a friend?

Of course! We highly encourage you to apply and interview with a friend or spouse. Interns are typically sent to locations in groups of two or more. If you don’t have someone to travel with, don’t worry. We’ll do our best to pair you with another intern, who will hopefully become a lifelong friend.

+    Are internships only a summer opportunity?

We offer internships in the summer (May to August), fall (August to January) and winter (January to May).

+    Do I have to be in school to be an intern?

We offer opportunities to both current college students and recent graduates.

+    Can I receive school credit for this internship?

Absolutely, but it depends on your university. To receive credit, you must contact your major’s department or your university’s career service office and follow their guidelines accordingly.

+    What major or qualifications do I need?

We accept all majors. We’re looking for energetic, outgoing, business-minded individuals who are eager to gain real-world business experience. We prefer that interns have at least one year of college experience.

+    Do I need sales experience?

While sales experience is very valuable, we don’t require previous sales experience. All interns must complete training at Pedersen Worldwide University, where you’ll learn from industry experts and veteran company managers and executives.

+    Can I choose the location where I want to intern?

Please tell us where you’d like to go, although we can’t guarantee you’ll be assigned to that location. After the interview process, we match interns as closely as possible to the location of their choice. It all depends on availability and management discretion. Wherever you go, we guarantee you’ll love it.

+    Do I need a passport for my internship?

If you’re traveling outside the U.S., you’ll be required to provide your own passport. As of January 1, 2008, all travel outside the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, require a valid passport. If you’re selected for a stateside location, including Hawaii, you won’t be required to have a passport.