Brighten up Your Hairdo with Color-Changing Plumeria Clips

Del Sol recently introduced its new color-splashed plumeria hair clips that dramatically change colors with sunlight and then return to their original colors without sunlight.

This latest color-changing hair accessories installment from Del Sol includes eight ultra-colorful styles and color combinations to choose from.

Each color-changing clip features Del Sol’s new innovative, color-on-color Spectrachrome® technology and detailing, which makes the hair clips change color with sunlight and makes them look colorful indoors without sunlight.

“Flower power is back and stronger than ever with these new super colorful, color-on-color plumeria hair clips,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol VP / Communications. “Each clip features beautiful, vibrant indoor and outdoor color. They’re perfect for holding back wisps of hair while enjoying the ocean breeze and the sunshine on your face.”

Each color-packed plumeria flower turns a different color in the sun, transforming from two colors indoors without sunlight to two colors outdoors with sunlight.

“Whether your hair is in a ponytail, bun or simply flowing with the wind, these plumeria hair clips will become a go-to accessory for every outfit,” said Brady.

Color-Splashed Plumeria clips have a durable single spring-action prong that easily holds back thick hair.

These color-changing clips make a great way to help you and your kids remember the fun times they had on vacation all year long.

They’re also perfect for giving a unique birthday gift or party favor for younger girls. The gift-giving possibilities are endless and guaranteed to make whoever receives them smile every time they change colors in the sun.

Each plumeria clip measures 2.5″ in diameter, and all color-changing plumeria hair clip package retails for $5 online or in select Del Sol retail showrooms or Del Sol wholesale locations.

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