How to Match the Perfect Mani-Pedi with Your Next Cruise


You’ve done the research, have your passport packed, and found a bathing suit that fits like a glove you’re ready to live in for the next few days. Now there’s just one last detail to work out — nails! The living is meant to be easy on a cruise, so your nails should be no different: Sticking to a clean rounded or squared-up shape, cut close to the skin can help prevent breaks before you’ve made it back to shore.

As for polish, a gel formula can keep you chip-free for a number of days, or you can always play it extra safe by packing a great polish in your color of choice in case you find yourself in need of a quick touch-up.

Heading somewhere soon? Check out these easy ideas for matching your mani-pedi with your next cruise vacation!

Go With Unexpected Colors on Your Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean region is synonymous with water, so it may be tempting to reach for matching hues, but this can actually make for a great opportunity to play with unexpected variations. Staying grounded with earthy greens and light browns can look amazing on a sharp, stiletto pointed finger and clean toes, and make for a great contrast against the bright, vibrant colors you’re sure to spot amid your beautiful surroundings.

Contrast and Compliment with Your Mediterranean Manicure

When most people hear Mediterranean, one color almost always comes to mind: blue! But you don’t want to blend in with your surroundings too much, do you? Since the environment is already providing you with a gorgeously hued backdrop, now would make for a great opportunity to experiment with complimentary colors for a real pop that will always match! Think bright yellows, burnt oranges, and even hot, yet tasteful, pinks to help your fingers and toes stand out in the nicest way.

Make Magic with Glitter Nails on Your Alaskan Vacation

Cruising around the cold Alaskan waters will likely result in your toes keeping covered for the most part, which makes for a great time to devote all of your attention to those fingertips. Glitter, crystals, and holographic iridescents can all help add to the magic of witnessing whales surfacing in those Arctic waters, and since the rest of your look will likely be practical and understated, don’t be afraid to go big! Now’s the time to play with nail art, decals, and anything else you might be too nervous to try in everyday life.

(Color) Change It Up on Your Themed Cruise

Whether food, music, or lifestyle-focused, a themed cruise can make for a great way to spend a couple of days doing whatever it is that you love. Because you’ll likely be super busy with events, activities, and socializing, don’t even worry about coordinating your mani/pedi — let your polish do the work for you! All you need is a great color changing nail polish and some sunlight to take your finger and toes from one shade to the next, allowing for two looks in one, and more time to focus on the fun stuff.

Add Some Edge to a Classic European Look

Clean, classic, refined — all words that come to mind when one thinks of a European vacation. Your nails will do best to look the same way, but there’s still plenty of room to get creative here! Think short, French manis with a matte neutral and metallic tips, or a chunky, geometric design using hues from the same color palette (dark blues, deep reds, and greys look super chic) can make for an understated yet creative alternative to a simple, solid look on the fingers and toes.

Worship the Sunset with Pastels on Your South Asian Cruise

There is nothing else in the world quite like catching a South Asian sunset, and you can capture that warm, glowy feel (and look) on your hands and feet with a elevated ombre theme. Show off your style by steering clear of the typical red-to-orange sunset look with subdued pastel shades, which can create a clean yet playful contrast to the vibrant colors of the sky and sea.

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