Del Sol Introduces Winter 2017 Nail Polish Collection

Del Sol recently introduced its Winter Nail Polish Collection, which includes 10 new shades of nail polish that all change colors with sunlight. With this collection, nail polish fans can brighten up their winter season with a variety of new, on-trend polishes that transform a cold, frosty day into a warm, sunny day.

Launch features: NEW ‘With Sun’ and ‘Without Sun’ nail polish combinations, plus two previous ‘Nail Polish of the Month’ colors that are now part of Del Sol’s global colors.

The winter line not only expands Del Sol’s nail polish collection to 30+ color-changing polishes, but it also provides customers with more unique color combinations to mix and match with their own collections. These new color-changing nail polishes are available exclusively at Del Sol stores and online next month.

“With our winter line, we went with various color palettes that we knew would be popular with our customers and would stand out in today’s beauty and fashion scene” said Scott Brady, Del Sol VP of Communications. “Several colors compliment life events, another set features shades of winter glitter, while others call out fun expressions.”

15 NEW Nail Polish Colors:

  • SEEING RED – changes from Red Glitter to Garnet
  • DON’T LOSE YOUR SPARKLE – changes from Teal and Silver Glitter to Dark Blue
  • TEAL ME MORE – changes from Teal to Dark Cobalt Blue
  • FOREVER BLUE – changes from Cornflower Blue to Deep Lavender
  • TICKLED PINK – changes from Baby Pink to Deep Blush
  • SILVER SKIES – changes from Pale Silver to Pearl
  • GO GREEN OR GO HOME – changes from Emerald Green to Dark Olive Green
  • INTO THE BLUE – changes from Iridescent Blue to Iridescent Plum
  • ALL ABOUT PINK – changes from Coral Pink to Mauve
  • LIVE, LOVE, SPARKLE – changes from Light Gray w/ Silver, Pink, Green Sparkles to Lilac w/ Silver, Pink, Green Sparkles
  • See Del Sol’s entire color-changing Winter Nail Polish Collection here.

    “With our specially formulated top and base coats, Del Sol customers can make the most of their winter-polish manicures by painting their nails with all the essential ingredients that professionals use to get amazing results,” said Brady. “Their nails should get the longevity, color vibrancy, and shine that they deserve.”

    NEW Top Coat & Base Coats:

  • NEW specially formulated top and base coats were created to work well and be compatible with Del Sol’s UV color-changing polishes – giving customers the most vibrant color change.
  • NEW top and base coats help polish stay on longer, dry faster and remove easier.
  • NEW top and base coats are part of Del Sol’s global ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free’ promotion.
  • NEW top and base coats do not change color in the sun.
  • The sticker on top of each bottle of Del Sol polish shows which color the polish will change to with sunlight. The sticker on the bottom of the bottle is in three languages – English, Spanish, and French. Del Sol’s top and base coats do not block UV rays.

    Del Sol nail polish does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). That all basically means it’s safe to use (but still not safe enough to drink). No animal testing either. Made in the USA.

    Available exclusively in Del Sol’s more than 100 store locations in 28 countries. Nail polish retail pricing is $10.00.

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