Three Steps to a Perfect Pool Party


Can you hear it? It’s the sound of people plunging into the pool! The hot days of summer have arrived and the swimming pool is the place to be. Everyone’s face is ready to get sun kissed and toes are ready to be dipped. Sounds like it’s time to host a pool party.

You don’t want to just host a pool party, though. If you’re going to throw a pool party it has to be perfect. Luckily, we’re here to help. What are you waiting for? Let’s cannonball right into it!

Step One: Invites

First thing’s first: Gather family and friends. People make the party great, so be sure to make a list of everyone you want to come to your pool party. Once you finish your list, it’s time to create invitations. Let’s face it, no party is complete without adorable invitations.

Ballin’ Invitations

Our favorite invitation idea perfect for a pool theme is getting miniature beach balls, then writing the details in permanent marker – including a friendly reminder to bring a swimming suit and towel. You can also encourage guests to bring their beach ball invites to the party for more fun!

You’ll want to blow up the beach balls, write on them, let it dry, then deflate and send for shipping. It wouldn’t hurt to put a note to tell your invitees to blow up the ball for information.

Step Two: Decorate

Before your guests arrive, you’re going to want to make sure your pool party is phenomenally decorated. Here are some of our favorite darling decoration ideas.

Welcome Them Well

We all have that one friend who forgets something everywhere they go. Be sure your guests have proper swim accessories with baskets filled with towels, sandals and sunglasses. To impress them even more, spruce up the gift basket with color-changing beach towels, flip-flops and sunglasses. We promise they’ll say, “Wow!” You know the color-changing sunglasses have a lifetime guarantee, right? You’ll forever be everyone’s best friend.

Brighten the Ambiance

What’s the best fruit for decoration? We’re going to admit we love pineapples! These pineapple string lights will instantly brighten your party. String them along lattice outdoors or around the back door to your yard. Your guests will adore them so much, we won’t be surprised if they’re the talk of the party.

Step Three: Food

Now we’re getting to the good part! They say food brings people together, so let’s believe in that motto and dish up the delights.

Hamburger Helper

If you’re set on barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs – YUM – then this is a must do! Let your guest write on the buns in ketchup, mustard or whatever other dressing they enjoy how they want their hamburger meat cooked. The grill master will know which patties belong on the buns that say “well” or “rare.”

Creative Eats

You’re going to want snacks for everyone and there’s no better way to keep the pool party spirit alive than with creative treats. Fill a tall glass of colored licorice as “pool noodles,” label fruit chewy candy as “kickboards” and pour fish crackers into a fishbowl with an ever-so-fitting fish net as a scooper. Guests will be beaming with smiles from your creativity.

Fin-tastic Snacks

For a healthier option, banana dolphins will be fin-tastic. Use a sharp knife to cut the banana in half and to slice the stem all the way to the banana and a little past to create a smile. You’ll want the mouth to open wide enough so you can place a grape in the opening. Hint: Cream cheese works well to keep the banana standing upright and brushing lemon juice into the opening will keep the opening from browning. Finish it off with dotting frosting as eyes and your snacks suddenly have porpoise!

What ideas are you going to bring to your perfect pool party? Share with us in the comments below.

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