Don’t Judge a Polish by its Color


Every nail polish color ever made was created to showcase a specific look. Some are born to be subtle, some are born to be bold, some bright, some cold. They all share one common purpose, however, to complement or complete an outfit or look. They just want to make everything better and prettier.

The untouched, unpainted polish sits there, day after day, all bottled up, bursting to get out to clothe someone’s naked nails. The polish inventor made it a promise: “Each color is perfect just the way it is, and someday it will beautify someone’s nails, complement someone’s dress, or make someone smile.”

Can you imagine how’d you feel if such a promise were broken? All polishes deserve a chance to look their best and to leave their mark. Give each polish a chance. Don’t judge it by its color.

In Del Sol’s case, this analogy couldn’t be more true. The color you see without sunlight is completely different with sunlight. You get two beautiful colors in one nail polish bottle. These colors have twice the resolve. Twice the purpose. Twice the versatility. Twice the fun. All in a single bottle.

You may disagree with this correlation, believing that some polishes don’t have a place or complete a look. Agree to disagree. We believe each color we create should have its run in the sun. Then, after its season to shine, like most things, it fades away into the sunset of our memories.

As you may know, Del Sol carries 30+ shades of nail polish that all change colors right on your fingers and toes outside in the sun. The two colors coexist in harmony and provide two looks, two styles, and two emotions, letting you, the benefactor, portray a conservative look without sunlight and maybe a flashier look with sunlight. It’s your choice and pleasure to give these colors a chance.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. You can get outside in the sun and try Del Sol color-changing nail polish for yourself. This is what Your Golden Ticket recently said about it: “I knew [Del Sol products changed color in the sun], but I had no idea that they had such a wide range of items to purchase from shoes to nail polish!”


“Yes, I said nail polish! The nail polish turns different colors in the sunlight. It’s really amazing and TONS of fun! I’ve received so many compliments on my sparkly nails and when I tell people that the color changes in the sunlight, they always want a demonstration. It’s kind of hilarious to see mothers acting like 6-year-old children trying to shade my nail polish from the sun and then putting it in the light to watch it change.”

You see, when you give these colors a chance, they always delight in return.

“Not only does the nail polish have that fun color changing novelty factor, but it actually stayed on for a long time, too. I appreciate the high quality of the Del Sol products that I have been able to try out. I am not sure how they get a nail polish to change colors in the sun, but I like to think it has something to do with fairy dust and magic.”

Looks can be deceiving, so give those Del Sol nail polish colors a chance and see if they don’t brighten your day.

What’s your favorite shade of Del Sol polish? Tell us about it in the comments.

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