Color-Changing Nail Polish Retailer, Del Sol, Launches Winter Nail Polish Collection

Del Sol’s color-changing winter nail polish line is available exclusively in Del Sol stores.

SALT LAKE CITY – Color-changing clothing and accessories retailer, Del Sol, recently launched its winter line of color-changing nail polishes, which incorporate Del Sol’s Spectrachrome technology that causes the nail polish to change from one color to a completely different color when exposed to sunlight.

Available exclusively in Del Sol’s more than 100 store locations in 24 countries, the new winter nail polish collection features three unique color options (Fire & Ice, Green with Envy and Smoke & Mirrors). All of which change to a distinct color with sunlight and then return to their original color without sunlight.

Del Sol Winter Polish Colors (With & Without Sun)
Fire & Ice – changes from silver sequins to red
Green with Envy – changes from jade glitter to plum glitter
Smoke & Mirrors – changes from silver, black glitter to amethyst glitter

“These color-changing winter polishes make a stylish ensemble that’s really popular right now in the beauty and fashion scene,” said Scott Brady, AVP of Communications. “Customers may be looking for a color that’s more conservative for an indoor professional working environment, without sunlight, but then want a more vibrant flashy color for a non-work atmosphere outdoors with sunlight and, for them, the versatility of Del Sol’s nail polish really pays off. You can wear the same polish for multiple settings.”

Del Sol Fire & Ice Nail Polish Winter 2014
Del Sol Green with Envy Nail Polish Winter 2014
Del Sol Smoke & Mirrors Nail Polish

The nail polishes’ larger caps are also easier to hold, making them more user-friendly for customers to paint their nails. The sticker on top of each bottle shows which color the polish will change to with sunlight. The sticker on the bottom of the bottle is in three languages – English, Spanish, and French.

Del Sol nail polish does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). That all basically means it’s safe to use (but still not safe enough to drink). No animal testing either. Customers can use a top coat as long as it does not block UV rays.

Retail pricing is $10.00. Available only in Del Sol stores. Made in the USA.

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