Del Sol Opens in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

This week, Del Sol opened its newest retail store in the city of Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The new 800-square-foot store is corporately owned and is situated on famous Front Street across the street from local restaurant, Cheeseburger in Paradise. The Del Sol store shares the same retail space as its separate sister brand, Cariloha, which specializes in bedding, bath goods, clothing, active wear and more all made from bamboo.

Both retail brands’ build-outs are designed to showcase their own distinct space and brand, tailoring the look and shopping experience to their own respective clientele.

At present, Del Sol can be found in the following three locations on the Hawaiian Islands: Kauai, Kona, and now, Maui. Another Del Sol store is slated to open on the island of Oahu later this year.

“This new Del Sol store is going to be a successful location for us,” said Scott Brady, Assoc. VP of Communications. “We’ve been pursuing a great location on Front Street in Lahaina for years, and having it come to fruition will provide our customers with a first-class ticket into the world of Del Sol and its amazing color-changing products!”

The Del Sol Lahaina store will be staffed and managed by both local employees and corporately hired interns who will work in the store for three to six months. Staffers demonstrate how the Del Sol products change colors with sunlight using Del Sol’s in-store proprietary UV-light boxes, which they refer to as Sun Stations. These stations are located throughout the store and provide opportunities for customers to test the assortment of color-changing clothing and accessories that Del Sol has to offer.

Based on a proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology, originally developed by NASA, crystals are harvested from the sunniest, most colorful places on the planet and then engineered for use on more than 21,000 retail items. Much like a flower that blossoms in the sun’s rays, Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight; revealing their hidden colors.

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