Masters of Color-Change – 2011’s Best Del Sol Stores

Each year, Del Sol recognizes two Del Sol stores as our Masters of Color Change for their outstanding service, performance, and commitment in providing an amazing Del Sol experience. To qualify for this annual award, Del Sol stores must have at least two full years of business and be in the top percentile for all three categories. Del Sol stores worldwide are consistently wonderful, and so many Del Sol stores had an incredible 2011, which is why this year was yet another close race for the awards.

Del Sol’s Masters of Color Change (Annual Achievement Award) Winners for 2011 are . . .
Del Sol Seaport Village, San Diego, California – Laurie & Anthony Trinca (owners)
Del Sol Curacao – Isaac & Omer Grynsztein (owners) & Bob Asswani (GM)

Past Annual Achievement Award Winners:
2008 – Cozumel Downtown – Daniel Ugalde (GM)
2008 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Broadway) – Rick Hunter (owner)
2009 – St. Lucia – Ryan Cazaubon (GM)
2009 – Put-in-Bay, Ohio – Mike & Sharon Serfozo (owners)
2010 – St. Maarten – Isaac & Omer Grynsztein (owners) & Brenda Lake (GM)
2010 – Solvang, California – Sandi & Jon Milby (owners)

We asked these two stores to share their thoughts about why they love Del Sol and what makes them so excited about color-changing clothing and accessories.

From Curacao
“As owners, we’re constantly in touch with our managers to improve the overall store operations, consistently investing in our staff by means of incentives and investing in their well being (our turnover in personnel is very low); making sure inventory is ordered optimally and refreshed; frequently stressing the importance of [cruise port lecturer] relations; and ensuring targets are being met and surpassed. Success lies in the details, and we keep a detailed log of all pending matters with completion dates.” – Omer Grynsztein, Del Sol Curacao co-owner

Del Sol Curacao Store Staff

“Bob and the Curacao staff work relentlessly. When the cruise ships leave at 5:00p.m., they stay open until 7p.m. to ensure they don’t miss any hotel traffic. When ships dock at the dock further from the store, Bob makes sure he or another staff member are right at the bottom of the gangway to provide guests with flyers and directions to the store. Most of all, Bob loves Del Sol, and he doesn’t let a customer leave the store without sharing every product with them.” – Landon John, Del Sol Curacao’s Regional Sales Director.

From San Diego
“When San Diego opened in 2000, we were the 22nd [Del Sol] store to open, and customers found our products so unique and different that they just had to buy something. As the years have passed and more stores have opened, we’ve brought in lots of new color-changing designs and products, giving us something new and different to show veteran Del Sol customers.”

“Of course, without our very qualified sales staff, driven to make the best of sales, we wouldn’t have had the great year that we had. We are very proactive on always doing our best to bring customers in the store and using great customer service to provide them with information regarding any products they may be interested in. We’re always looking to up-sell whenever possible.”

What’s your impression of Del Sol San Diego and Del Sol Curacao? If you’ve never visited either store before, we invite you to visit soon and put their amazing service to the test. Be sure to congratulate them on being 2011’s Masters of Color Change!

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