Service For-Dee Love of it.

Have you received great service lately? I was in Disney’s California Adventure last week, and the service is always the best.  We also visited Sea World, where the service was pretty good. Not as good as Disney. Does that make Sea World a bad place? No. Definitely not.  Standards and expectations change, and they seem to be based on customer perception, which varies from person to person and changes constantly.

Who’s setting our standards? You people out there are setting it. The front lines. The people who care. Most of us have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and consciously or not, we have this heightened expectation for how service is supposed to be. Ignore our industry’s benchmark and copy Disney’s or Ritz Carlton’s. That’s one approach. Although, what you think is ultimately what matters most to our company.  So, tell us. What do you think? What kind of service do you prefer?  

Blow bubbles. Let your customers be involved. Serve up some memories.

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