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11 Travel Trends to Look For in 2020

By Patrick Clarke

2020’s Travel Styles

2020 promises to be another monumental year for travel but there are some trends poised to emerge or grow even more popular in the new year as travelers develop new interests, seek fresh experiences and attempt to squeeze more meaning out of their globetrotting. Here are some trends to watch for in 2020.

Instagram Tourism

Instagram is an incredible tool when it comes to inspiring wanderlust. With more than one billion active monthly users, a single selfie posted on the platform can elevate a previously overlooked destination or even motivate some travelers to get away themselves so that they can showcase their own travel accomplishments to their ever-growing list of followers. Unfortunately, selfie-related deaths are very real and the popularity of some Instagram hotspots have led to overcrowding and a cheapened visitor experience in some cases.

Micro Trips

The micro travel trend continues to gain momentum, especially among millennials, as travelers look to save time and money without sacrificing on experiences. These shorter, typically weekend trips require effective planning but allow you to pack light and see and do more of what you like while preserving those precious vacation days for a longer getaway.

Ancestral Tourism

As genetic testing services become even more accessible in 2020, you can expect a rise in travelers looking to trace the steps of their ancestors. Europe, particularly destinations such as Scotland and Ireland should continue to benefit from the growing ancestral tourism trend.

Wellness Tourism

The booming wellness tourism market will also continue to grow in 2020 as more and more travelers seek out unique travel experiences inclusive of things like meditation, spa treatments, healthy eating and outdoor activities that bring them in tune with nature.

Transformational Travel

Not dissimilar to wellness travel, transformational travel is all about traveling with intention and maintaining an open mind along the way. 2020 will see more travelers challenging themselves to find meaning and/or change their lives for the better through travel, whether it’s by engaging with a new culture, giving back or conquering a physical obstacle.

Slow Travel

In today’s on-demand age, it’s easy to get sped up without even knowing it. Travelers typically have a long list of the things they want to see and do in a particular destination. However, the slow travel trend encourages them to narrow their focus and spend more time in a specific area, immersing themselves in the culture to enrich their experiences¬†and ensure they don’t return home burnt-out and in need of another vacation.

Foodie Tourism

It’s no secret that people love to eat and as the population of gourmet food aficionados continues to grow, you can expect foodie tourism to grow right along with it. With so many talented chefs putting their passion to work in destinations all around the globe, there’s always something new and fresh to savor. And with new food trucks, craft breweries and wineries seemingly always popping up, this is one trend certain to stick around.

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