Five Easy Penny Board Tricks for Beginners


Now that you’ve got your cool, new penny board, you probably want to learn a few tricks to make shredding through the neighborhood even more fun. Plus, having a few tricks under your feet will definitely impress your friends and your mom.

As you know, practice makes perfect, so work on these five tricks for at least a solid week before moving on to some other more challenging tricks. That said, everyone learns at different speeds, so you may be ready to move on sooner, or you might feel content with these five. Main point is to have fun and learn as you go.

Five Easy Beginner Penny Board Tricks – First One’s On Us

One trick that you’ll have mastered from the get-go with Del Sol’s color-changing penny board is the trick changing the boards color from transparent to either blue or purple with sunlight. Just add sun and you’re done. No flour or sugar needed. Just sunlight.

See more tricks by Skateboard Bruh here.

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