Del Sol’s Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts Update

Del Sol Grand Bahama General Manager, Siobhan Bates, pictured above, trudging forward, sifting through damaged inventory and cleaning up after the storms.

From coordinating boat transportation to deliver essential supplies to matching donations for relief efforts, here’s how we’re helping our Bahamian friends and families who are so close to our hearts.

Our Del Sol team in Grand Bahama has been heavily engaged in the grueling process of rebuilding their homes, neighborhoods and lives on the island. Our relief efforts have been critical to their recovery.

As an update regarding support and donations so far, PW Companies has matched, dollar for dollar, all donations that continue to come in from individual and store donors. To each of you, we say, THANK YOU, for all your support.

Above and below are portions of donations that we’ve sent to Grand Bahama, which includes generators, food and hygiene supplies, 9 pallets worth of products, including 12 mattresses, pillows, sheets, and shirts.

Several of our staff lost everything in the recent Hurricane Dorian storm and have had to focus on completely rebuilding their lives.

Siobhan (pictured above) has single-handedly taken on the herculean task of going through the store warehouse and sorting through all the damaged inventory so that we can work with insurance providers in a timely manner.

It’s not a case of just throwing everything away, Siobhan has loaded up her truck with the damaged products 3 – 4 times and taken the product home and sorted through it to see what could be cleaned and donated to the people of the Bahamas.

She’s a true asset to the company, and we really appreciate everything that she and her amazing team are doing to help the Bahamas get back on their feet.

All donated items have been coordinated with Siobhan and her team and will be very well received by the local employees, their families and neighbors who are in desperate need of so many items.

Special thanks to many of you who helped coordinate, fulfill and ship these much-needed items. 

You can continue to donate to this relief effort here. 

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