How Colorful Nail Polish and Sunshine Make You Happier


When you’re feeling bored, blue and broke on a Saturday afternoon (or any old time at all), look no further than your Del Sol color-changing nail polish to put a smile on your face and a pop of color to your nails and wardrobe. Seeing it go back and forth from one color without sunlight to a completely different color with sunlight is enough magic to make any mood cheerier.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Read this article by NYC Pretty who talks about color happiness with Del Sol.

Color Happy W/ Del Sol!

By NYC Pretty

I’m a summer girl that’s for sure! And color and sunshine make me smile… the more the merrier! From my clothing and accessories, to home decor, I’m all about energetic vibes and poppy hues. So, when I heard about this cool brand Del Sol, who’s all about having fun in the sun and stands for all that is good.

For sunshine. For fun in the sun. For memory-filled vacations. For laughter. For joy… I knew I met my match!


They have pretty polishes (and clothing and sunglasses) that change color in the sunlight! SOOO up my alley, right?!? I was skeptical at first that my polish would miraculously switch colors in daylight, but to my surprise this fun formula with Spectrachrome Technology takes the power of the sun’s rays and magically makes the nail color to change, AMAZE! (Peek my insta stories to see the vids!) @nycpretty

My fave color is the All About Pink, which goes from a soft sherbet hue to a pretty purple color in the sunlight!

And the touch of shimmer gives a glam glow to my mani! I have shorter nails so I usually don’t go too bright with the polishes but these colors were just right with a glitter effect to highlight the nails I do have!


The best part? Del Sol is safe and is 5-Free, which means they’re polishes are free of toxins, formaldehyde, resin and camphor and never tested on animals!

So I can look fab and feel good about polishing! And each year Del Sol donates thousands of dollars worth of products to humanitarian relief efforts and charities throughout the world. Now that’s something we can all smile about!

Here’s to creating fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun!

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