Five Items to Pack for Your Next Cruise


Preparing and packing for a cruise vacation isn’t at all like prepping for an extended deep-sea diving trip, but it is the type of getaway that requires several essential items. Take some cruise-prep advice from our fellow collaborator over at iTravelnet travel directory to set sail without any sinking failures.

Packing for a cruise? You’ve got your sunscreen, bathing suit, flip flops, and the latest best seller for a good binge read (on-board pool, anyone?). You know to pack your camera and your necessary electronics and cords. You’ve gone over your list and checked it twice, and you think you’re just about ready. But wait, have you forgotten these essential items?

Here are 5 Items to Pack for Your Next Cruise:

A Cover-up

When your boat docks and you have the day to spend on those endless white sand beaches, you’ll want something to throw over your bathing suit while en route to the beach. Our favorite cover-ups are stylish enough to go from the beach, to nearby ruins, to a restaurant for some oceanside seafood dining. In fabrics ranging from cooling silk, to breezy terry cloth cotton (both of which dry quickly!), you’ll have a dress that will work day or night. Look for a strapless style to avoid those dreaded tan lines.


We like to have a small after-sun care arsenal on hand, for those just in case moments when you’ve accidentally spent too much time by the pool without reapplying your sunscreen. We’ve all been there. Don’t fret, it doesn’t have to ruin your good time! Pack aloe for its calming and cooling effect, and coconut oil for healing and moisturizing. Apply immediately (and as often as needed!) after you notice the burn, avoid the sun, and by the following day you should be set to go. Just don’t forget to re-apply that sunscreen!

Sun Hat

Whether a cute straw fedora or a fun trucker hat, a cap is a cruise must for shielding your face from all that glorious sun you’ll be soaking up on deck. We are particular about wide-brimmed straw hats, as they flatter every face shape, go with anything from shorts and a T to sundresses, and shield your face and neck perfectly. Hats are the essential must-pack item for that aforementioned binge reading you’ve been looking forward to.


You won’t want to pack your best jewelry for a cruise—you’ll be too busy exploring, swimming, and otherwise not wanting to be worried about misplacing any family heirlooms. Del Sol’s color-changing jewelry is exactly what you need. It’s fun, flirty and stylish, even changing colors in the sun. Our favorite style is that multi-bracelet stacked look…grab a few! At these prices, why not? Just the perfect item to pack for going from pool to indoor bar.

Beach Bag

Don’t forget the tote! Packing your sunscreen, towel, book, water bottle and a snack or two, means you’ll need something to carry these items. A tote bag is essential to the stress-free cruise you’ve been dreaming about and counting down to. We like bags big enough to make room for a little souvenir shopping, and bonus, it will double as a carry on for those stingy airline bag rules. Win win!

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