The Family that Paints Nails Together Stays Together


We’re following the lead of our friends over at Ashley’s Fresh Fix for our paradigm of hope. When they’re spending time together, painting their nails, and having a good time doing it, they’re making happy memories, and, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

The summer is OVER! Well, the fun part of it is – the part where it’s blazing hot 24/7, and I still can’t wear pants is still alive and well! But, my boys are all back in school so it’s just me and pretty little miss together all day, and it feels like summer is scooting its way on out.

Most days my life looks NOTHING like I imagined, and somedays I am sitting in bed painting my little girls toes and it’s just like, WOW, I always imagined this and it’s right here happening!

My bed seems to be the local congregation spot for our family. Every morning all the kids seem to pile in here – it’s the biggest coziest bed in the house.

Mabel has been a fan of painting nails forever, and lately she wants to paint her own (stresses me out so much, but I love that she wants to do this on her own!) I use a towel as a buffer and we can do this all day.

Our favorite summer nail polish right now is from Del Sol – we LOVE how the color changes in the sun. I’ve had my toes painted with this all summer and the kids love checking the color.

I’m just feeling really grateful for the time I spend with my kids in our home. Life feels really good right now – wishing I could pause it right here forever.

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