Factors to Consider Before Buying Any Type of Sunglasses


Many people understand the benefit that comes with wearing sunglasses, but only a few take the necessary caution to get the right type of sunglasses. Wearing the recommended type of sunglasses can help you stay safe from ultraviolet rays that can damage your eyes.

For example, if you expose yourself to accumulated UV rays, your chances of developing cataracts or pterygium are high. Before you buy and use any sunglasses, it is advisable to determine their application and how safe they are for your eyes, as well as with respect to your specific needs.

Polarized vs. Regular Sunglasses
There are a number of differences between regular and polarized sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses have lenses that feature a special chemical coating that aids in eliminating or reducing glare. Such types of sunglasses always ensure clarity of sight by filtering all the light that enters the eye from different angles. Polarized sunglasses for women or men help eliminate cases of temporal blindness, color perception, distorted view, and reduction of depth perception.

Regular sunglasses have no special feature or characteristic of the lenses. They’re only for UV-ray protection and, hence, you’re likely to experience cases of poor color perception, distorted view as well as reduced depth perception.

Here are several factors to consider before buying any sunglasses:

Protection Capacity Against Harmful UV
The percentage of UV-ray protection differs with the types of glasses. In case you’re looking for sunglasses that will offer you optimum protection, your ideal sunglasses ought to be the ones with a protection percentage of 10 for both UVB and UVA rays. However, sunglasses that are labeled ‘UV 400’ will give you the best protection, as these imply that they can block up to 400 nanometers of rays. Always look at the sticker on the lenses for the percentage of UV rays protected.

Size of the Glasses
Sunglasses come in different sizes ranging from regular to oversize. The oversized ones are both stylish and recommended for maximum UV-ray protection. There are also others that adopt the wraparound style. These types of sunglasses ensure that your eyes remain protected from UV rays that can get to them from the sides of your face.

Polarized Lenses
The significance of buying polarized sunglasses is that they will offer you the reduction of glare from reflective surfaces. They have no special features to protect extra UV rays but due to the laminate lining on the lenses, they’re ideal for enjoyable and safe driving or diving.

Prescription Sunglasses
Do you have some vision difficulties? Getting prescription sunglasses would help you a great deal. Such sunglasses will guarantee UV-ray protection without any compromise on the eyesight. They’re similar to polarized sunglasses and ideal for driving in the sun.

In the event that you have contact lenses, it’s advisable to remember to swap them with prescription sunglasses when engaging in outdoor activities. The reason for this is that contact lenses will not protect you from UV rays and can cause eye infection whenever used while swimming.

Attractiveness of the Sunglasses
There are numerous sunglasses in the market. When choosing your ideal sunglasses, it’s important to be guided by your tastes and preference. Just like clothing, wearing sunglasses matters most in terms of giving you the confidence and personal appeal you need. Therefore, whether you’re looking for polarized women’s sunglasses or the regular ones, choose frames that match your face’s shape. Also, consider your personality and outfit as these would guide you to choosing the best color.

Article by our friends over at the Fashionable Housewife.

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