Where Have You Lost Your Solize™ Sunglasses?

You know that euphoric-suddenly-turned-sour feeling you get after purchasing something you really wanted, with your hard-earned money, only to have it ruined, lost or stolen before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy it?

Yeah, us too. It’s sad and shouldn’t happen ever again. But, it does. Sometimes it’s an unsightly spaghetti spill on your new dress, or a jacket donated to the southbound train – forever – or one of these untimely tragedies with a new pair of sunglasses…

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Fortunately, these Solize sunglasses come with an unbeatable Lifetime Guarantee against theft, loss or damage. Even if your dog chews them up or you sit on them over and over again, Del Sol will replace them for free.

It seems like people like to share the bad more than the good, but Del Sol constantly receives positive comments about its sunglasses and their amazing lifetime guarantee, as is witnessed here:

“I bought a pair of Del Sol sunglasses while on a cruise in Alaska. I never spend that much money on sunglasses, but this pair gave such clarity and felt so good to wear. I had my doubts about the warranty then the earpiece broke and I went online with my warranty number. WOW you were so efficient, and you honored the warranty guarantee, AND they were shipped to me in short order, AND you even emailed the shipping info. I am totally impressed and I LOVE my sunglasses.”

“The ones I have in the glove compartment of my car for various levels of light hurt my eyes – these sunglasses are the best and I am so protective of them. thank you for the solid case- it is so much better than the tube can I got with them- but I used it always to protect them. I had to write and tell you this and I sure hope someone receives this email.” – B. Donley

We appreciate all our customers’ kind words, and we hope to continue providing the best sunglasses under the sun, along with their outstanding guarantee policy.

Color-changing sunglasses by Del Sol make eye wear stylish and fun. Del Sol’s exclusive color-changing sunglasses feature ultra-modern style with professional technology to protect your eyes. They’re 100% UVA/UVB blocking and polarized to prevent glare and to alleviate any strain on your eyes. From futuristic to chic, or just plain fun, there’s an assortment of styles to fit any age, gender or interest.

– LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against Loss, Theft, or Damage. Even if you simply lose your Solize color-changing sunglasses, we’ll still replace them for just the shipping/handling cost.
– Polarized PolarizedPro lenses to block out glare.
– Durable frames are impact-resistant and lightweight.
– Spectrachrome® technology makes frames change color when exposed to sunlight. Color change is also guaranteed to impress you, and to last for the life of the sunglasses.

Which is your favorite pair of Solize sunglasses? And, where did you lose them?

19 thoughts on “Where Have You Lost Your Solize™ Sunglasses?

  1. I lost. My. Sun. Glasses in hospital !!!
    Thy. We’re. Help me. Rhonda
    Gttee. Code. 4fwwjtahdvfa

  2. I lost my sunglasses at a restaurant.
    Gutter code: WVYFCFDPXFHV
    Thank You. Ellen

  3. The replacement cost was $10 when I bought mine. I just ordered my third pair and the replacement cost has increased to $12. What will it be next time? $15??
    I feel this is a breach of warranty. I bought based upon one fee. Postage hasn’t gone up that much. DelSol is cheating us!!

  4. Thanks for your comment and for voicing your concern. Here’s some additional background on this particular product and its S&H charges.

    We first introduced our Solize Sunglasses Line in 2002. We were able to keep the shipping and handling charge at $10 for nearly 15 years. But, we finally increased it to $12, as we were well behind the shipping cost increases that we had experienced over the years, but wanted to keep passing along the savings to our customers. We hope to continue to do so to the best of our ability. Hope this helps.

  5. I & my wife both have lost our Del sol sunglasses how do we get a new pair sent to me? We have our lifetime guarantee warranty card when we purchased them

  6. Hi! I lost a pair of your sunglasses (and one shoe )overboard on a Kayak adventure. Originally bought in 2015. Can we stop by a Del Sol store and pick up a new replacement pair at a store? We have the guarantee card and original receipt.

    Thanks, John

  7. Sorry about your loss. No fun when you lose a shoe and a pair of sunglasses. Hope the trip was fun, though. Unsure if you can return directly to the store. Please contact our Customer Service Team at onlineservice@delsol.com and they’ll help you out. Thanks!

  8. I have lost mine fishing in Queensland in September 2018, I can’t find where to put the replacement number CO2569544679 to claim

  9. Help please, my husband and I bought sunglasses while on a cruise last winter. Mine fell off my face while I was on a boat in Lake Ontario yesterday…..I do not know which box came with mine so I can claim another pair AS I LOVED THOSE GLASSES! Is there any way I can find out which box belonged to my glasses?

  10. Riding my motorcycle at 70 MPH, came right off my face while passing a big truck, blast of wind. I had another back up pair, not del souls, but the rest of the trip was not the same

  11. I lost my glasses and trying to get replacement. How do I do it.

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