Get Game Day Ready in 5 Steps


Football season is upon us. Summer nights are coming to an end and the crisp fall air will soon fill your lungs.

While some may say it’s a bummer that summer is getting ready to say goodbye, we know you’re excited to kickoff the football season. We’re just as eager for the season to start, so we’ve compiled our five favorite tips to get you and yours game ready.

VIP Tickets

Make your guests feel like MVPs when you invite them to your party. Send them these customized printable tickets. All you’ll need to do is download the printable and open in Adobe Reader. Fill in the date, time and location, then print on card stock and cut where indicated. It’s the perfect kickoff to your party.

Home Is Where the Field Is

A football party needs one thing: A football. Spice up your game with a color-changing football that’s sure to be the talk of the party. It doesn’t matter if your field is on grass or a sandy beach because this one-of-a-kind toy is waterproof. Your friends and family will have a ball of fun throwing touchdowns.

Concessions Stand

Food brings people together, so you might as well make yummy, festive treats for your kickoff party. After your guests play the first half of the game, they’ll be hungry.

Sack the Quarterback Chips

Your guests will mingle with friends, so an on-the-go snack will be perfect. With brown lunch bags and white duct tape, you can make a fan favorite snack. Cut the duct tape into three equal length strips. Cut two of the three strips in half. Stick the longest strip vertically on the front of the bag. Use the shorter strips to tape horizontally, transforming the paper bag into a football. Fill the bags with your favorite chips and watch your guests enjoy.

Huddle for Dessert

For this cool treat, you’ll need ice cream sandwiches, wooden spoons, white frosting and permanent markers — colors of your choice. Unwrap the ice cream sandwiches, then draw laces on the cookie with frosting. For an added flair, draw football plays or team colors on the wooden spoons before putting them into the sandwich. Tip: Pierce one end of the ice cream with a knife to easily insert the wooden spoon.

Quench Your Thirst

Your team will need to take a timeout when they get thirsty. An easy way to keep everyone happy is filling a large, standing water cooler with your drink of choice. Put team colored or football-looking paper cups next to the jug. Not only is this idea easy for you, but it sticks with the theme as well. Your friends and family will stay hydrated and be ready to get back into their game of catch.

Touchdown Worthy Decor

Of course, no party is complete without decorations. You’ll win the championship with these ideas.

Penalty Flag Napkins

For arguably the best decoration idea ever, you’ll need a bucket and yellow napkins. Let your guests be the referee with these penalty flags.

Football Field Table Runner

Transform your table into a football field with an artificial grass table runner. Cut the grass to size, then use white duct tape to represent the field markings.

Moving the Chains

Football players try to get first downs to move the chains, but these game day paper chains will lead your guests straight to the party. Click here for a free printable. Print two of the printable pages to make a “full” football field with the 50-yard line in the center. Once they’re all cut, curl each and apply a small amount of glue on one end, joining the end together. Be sure you start with the 50-yard line and add links to either side until you’ve reached the 10-yard line.

Good Game

Treat your team with a party favor when they leave. With water bottles and some creative skills, you can make this fun gift for the MVPs. It’ll keep them rejuvenated until the next big game or party.

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