Why Del Sol Beach Towels are more Fun in the Sun

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The wait is over! Del Sol’s never-before-seen, color-changing beach towels are now exclusively available in Del Sol stores worldwide and online. These colorful beach towels will get you stoked for fun under the sun at the pool, beach or waterpark. Each premium-quality towel features unique, oversized center prints that burst into brilliant shades of color in the sun, catching the attention of everyone who passes by.

The new towel collection features three separate colors and designs, and each towel changes color when exposed to sunlight and then returns to its original color without sunlight – no matter if it’s cloudy or sunny at the beach, the effect is still the same. Just add sun to the towel design and watch the colors magically appear.

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These extra-large color-changing beach towels will forever change your experience outside under the sun. The ocean blue, sunny yellow, or sorbet and white fabric is soft and thick, ensuring you’ll dry off in comfort. As you lay the towel on the sand or lounge chair, watch the oversized designs explode into vivid colors. It’ll capture everyone’s attention, and we guarantee it’ll be your favorite towel that you simply can’t live without.

Five Reasons Why Del Sol Beach Towels Make a Day at the Beach even Better:

  1. Beach Barrier: Towels are thick and make a cushiony layer between you and the sand or cement. They’re sized for plenty of rollover room, too, measuring 67” long by 35” wide. Nearly six feet long. Generously sized for more coverage.
  2. Keen on Quality: Made from 100% high-absorbency cotton, each towel is tailored with shorter loops and clean-finished edges to help prevent snagging or unraveling. Feels good to lay out in comfortable quality.
  3. Sun Protection: One feature, and benefit, that sets these towels apart from any other in the world, is that it changes colors with the sun’s UV rays. The more intense the UV index, the more vibrant and intense the color change, letting you know it’s a good time to apply sunscreen. When you see the towel design change color, you’re reminded to apply sunscreen or more sunscreen, depending on your last application. And, of course, the towels are large enough to cover your entire body or any unprotected skin, giving you further relief from any harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  4. Beach Comfort: Not only are these towels big on size, but they’re also big on softness. Plus, they’ll warm you up and dry you off quickly. Prepared to feel and be comfortable down on the sand.
  5. Looking Good: Stylish designs and cool prints brighten up any outdoor adventure. It’s a much more unforgettable towel – you don’t want to lose it or leave it someplace, as it’s one of a kind. Makes you want to use it, share it and show it off.

Retail Pricing: $39
Available online and in select Del Sol stores.

Del Sol color-changing towels come with a 100% Wow Guarantee, which guarantees that the towels will change color for the life of the product. If the towels don’t live up to your expectations, Del Sol will replace them free. Towels are machine washable and can be tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free. Don’t use chlorine or bleach, and ironing the printed area is not recommended.

Which towel is your favorite? Which other colors do you wish we offered?

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