5 Reasons Soles™ Flip-Flops are a Step Above the Rest

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Catchin’ rays and walkin’ paves, Del Sol this week introduced four kid’s flip-flops (2 boys, 2 girls) that change color with sunlight and then return to their original color without sunlight.

The colorful kid’s flip-flops are part of the company’s Soles Flip-Flop Collection and are available online and in select Del Sol stores worldwide.

“The Kid’s Soles feature a unique, custom-design footbed, and the toe-strap is made of soft, flexible material that won’t irritate or rub your skin,” said Brian Ciccotelli, Del Sol’s Global Training Manager. “They’re designed to be comfortable and durable and worn often – they won’t get in the way of your play.”

The flip-flop base is constructed of soft EVA foam for durability and comfort and has a rigid tread with skid-resistant traction grooves. “Whether you’re leaving imprints on the sandy shores of the Pacific, Atlantic or Caribbean Sea, these sun-painted Soles™ will guide your footsteps to their next adventures under the sun,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol AVP of Communications.

Taken from customers’ first-hand experiences, here are five reasons why Soles™ Flip-Flops are a step above the rest:

1. UV Protection – Because the sandal straps change color with sunlight, you can get a pulse on the intensity of the UV index for the day. The higher, or more intense the UV rays, the more critical it is to wear sun screen and be sun smart about your activities for the day. These flip-flops will give you a leg or ‘foot’ up in that regard. Note: The entire flip-flop doesn’t change colors, as the straps are the only things that are visible when you’re actually wearing them.

2. Show ‘n Tell – Kids love showing their friends and family how the flip-flops straps change color. They’re a great way to help your kids remember the fun times they had on vacation all year long!

3. One of a Kind – Picture a day of sandcastles, poolside play, and popsicles on the pier – Del Sol’s color-changing flip-flops are made just for these sunny occasions. You can’t find them at every shop or department store in the world. They’re what’s cool to wear to the beach, and they’re exclusively found at Del Sol.

4. Foot Protection – Kids will want to wear them (because they change color) and protect their feet as a result. Flip-flops are great on a cruise ship. You’ll feel better knowing your kids aren’t just running around barefoot. Flip-flops are fast and easy to put on.

5. Affordable, Unique & Fun – Flip-flops are a great, affordable (only $10) addition to any outfit, but especially board shorts and beach cover-ups. Anyone going to the beach is going to need flip-flops.

What else do you love about these color-changing flip-flops? What other designs would you like to see on them? Let us know in the comments.

Girl’s Flip-Flops – Shades

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Shades: The Soles’ girly design was made with her peewee piggies in mind. They’ll be her favorite shoes, especially because the straps change from clear glitter to royal purple in sunlight.

Girl’s Flip-Flops – Flower Patch

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Flower Patch: Your little daydreamer will endlessly frolic through the flowers with these color-changing flip-flops. Straps change from clear glitter to royal purple in sunlight.

Boy’s Flip-Flops – Sunset

DSKidsSolesFlipFlopsFeb2016 4

Your little beach bum will walk on sunshine with these color-changing flip-flops. Straps change from clear to ocean blue in sunlight.

Boy’s Flip-Flops – Surfin’

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Your little surfer will hang ten with these color-changing flip-flops. Straps change from clear to ocean blue in sunlight.

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  1. Where can I purchase the toddler jelly sandals that change color

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