20 Genius Packing Tips for Stress-Free Traveling


If you are planning on backpacking Europe, or simply traveling to Grandma’s, packing your suitcase can often become a burden. But lucky for you, there are clever ways to make packing much less painful.

Here are 20 hacks to packing your suitcase:

1. Use an empty Tic-Tac container to hold all of your bobby pins.

2. Use empty lip balm containers to hide valuables, such as spare cash or earrings.

3. Put a cotton ball in your powdered makeup containers to prevent the powder from breaking.

4. Put cling wrap under the lids of all of your toiletries to prevent them from spilling in your suitcase.

5. String your necklace’s strands through straws to prevent tangles.

6. If you happen to forget the plug for your phone charger, you can plug it into a USB port in the back of the TV in the hotel room.

7. If you have a nice dress to pack, roll it in between layers of white tissue paper to keep it clean and protected.

8. Actually, roll all of your clothes up to take up less space in the suitcase.

9. Keep your electronic cords and headphones in an old glasses case.

10. Pack heavy toiletries and shoes near the wheels of the suitcases and put the lighter clothes near the handle.

11. Place dryer sheets on top of your clothes to keep them smelling clean throughout your trip.

12. Place binder clips on your razor blades.

13. Consider investing in packing shelves.

14. Keep small studded earrings together by securing them through button holes.

15. Place shower caps under your shoes in order to keep the dirt off your clothes.

16. Protect breakable items, such as glass perfume bottles, by rolling them in socks.

17. Fill an old eye drop container with toothpaste and use other small containers for small amounts of toiletries.

18. Purchase wrinkle-reducing spray to avoid packing an iron or a steamer.

19. Make your suitcase waterproof by lining the sides with all of your plastic toiletries and placing a rain coat on top of your clothes.

20. If you are running low on space, consider storing smaller items in the shoes you have packed.

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Family Share. It has been republished here with permission by the Family Share Network.

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