Where to Wear a Trucker Hat & Most Popular Ways to Wear it

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Del Sol recently introduced four color-changing men’s and women’s trucker-style hats to its worldwide fans – available exclusively in Del Sol stores and on DelSol.com.

All four hats feature vintage-print hat fronts that burst into sunset colors when exposed to sunlight and then return to their original colors without sunlight. The color-changing prints and hats are Del Sol exclusives and never before seen in today’s hat market.

“Del Sol trucker hats are perfect for a beach bonfire or a poolside party,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol AVP of Communications. “The bold, on-trend detailing is captivating, and the fact that the graphic prints actually change colors, and hold those colors, for as long as you’re in the sun, looks almost unreal.”


1. Straight Forward: Put it on normal-like, not too snug now, and let it ride.
2. Side Rider: Go side saddle with this beauty and have a little more fun with it. It’s kind of the Punky Brewster look.
3. Backward Flow: Not just because it’s windy outside, rather it shows off your mood. Go unconventional and reverse it.
4. Three-Quarter Pirate: Arrgh! It do be the right setting for a little swashbuckling style. Cover one eye with ye hat and meander through the sea of onlookers. Feeling sassy? Show it.



• Full-Color Print Design
• Mesh Back; Snap-Back Closure
• Once-Size-Fits-All
• Four Colors (Pink, Teal, White/Blue, Black)


1. Keep it Real. Just you being you and keeping things low-key. Not trying to be too cool for school.
2. Run your Errands! Got to get a move on. Places to go, people to see, things to do, deliver and pick up.
3. Play it Cool. Nothing phases you. You just look good in a trucker hat. Plain and simple.
4. Hide Your Bed Head. Hop out of bed, throw on your trusty hat, and barely catch the bus.
5. Be Incognito. Stay off the radar. Keep your eyes covered and get through the day.
6. Frame Your Face. Keep those sleek tresses in check and proportionate to your face.
7. Sunglasses Friendly. Hang your shades on top or wear them on your face – they cohabitate nicely.
8. Accent Your Beach Style. Essential beachwear for your beach-bum lifestyle.
9. Play it Punk Rock. Never gets old for that punk-rock look.
10. Sun Shade, Style Chic. Keep the sun off your face and look good doing it.
11. Self-Promote Your Style. Is the logo, color and look all your own? Show it off then.
12. Work it out! Working up a sweat, wherever and however that may be? This hat fits the bill for your fitness needs or just the 9 to 5 shift.


Del Sol Trucker Hats are made of breathable cotton (and super soft poly-mesh) – they’ll keep your head comfortable and cool all day long.

Hats are dishwasher safe, and the color change is guaranteed for life. Retail pricing: $25.

Which of the four Del Sol Trucker Hats is your favorite? Which colors and prints would you like to see from Del Sol in the future?

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