Where to Have Fun in the Sun in St. Thomas


Nestled in the heart of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea is beautiful St. Thomas, one of the most shopped and visited cruise ship ports in the entire world. It’s also home to Del Sol’s first cruise-ship-port store, which opened in 1997, and remains one of Del Sol’s flagship locations to this day.

Before you catch a boat or plane to St. Thomas, know where and how to have fun in the sun while you’re there. These tips are brought to you by our local Del Sol staffers and interns who live and work in the heart of St. Thomas every day.

The Del Sol stores are located in Charlotte Amalie at the Grand Galleria Shops on Norre Gade Street and in Crown Bay at the Cruise Center. Feel free to stop by the stores and take a load off. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and to give you additional insider information about the island.

Top 5 Fun in the Sun Things to Do in St. Thomas:

1. Visit Trunk Bay on St. John. I know, I know. Trunk Bay isn’t even on St. Thomas, but it’s only a short 15-minute ferry ride away, and it’s well worth the trip. Occasionally, think of St. Thomas as your main Virgin Islands hub and your launch site to get to neighboring islands. Remember to get your snorkeling gear, sunscreen, beach towels and flip-flops and enjoy one of the most pristine, white-sand beaches in the Caribbean. There are showers, toilets and other amenities on the beach. And, if you can get a ride or a taxi, venture out to Cinnamon Bay on the island. Country singer, Kenny Chesney, happens to own a mansion out that way.

2. Tour Black Beard’s Castle. You can tour the castle and see all the pirate relics, pirate statues (photo opportunities) and museum. The castle is just a few steps away from the Del Sol Grand Galleria store. Again, if you get lost or have questions about St. Thomas, stop by the Del Sol store and ask for directions. Del Sol staffers are always friendly and helpful.

3. Snorkling at Coki Beach, Smith Bay, or Magen’s Bay. Coki and Smith Bay are on the east side of the island and Magen’s is on the north side. All are great for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.

4. Paradise Point Gondola. Take a beautiful, scenic ride to the highest point on the island. In the evening, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the island, as the boats and shops light up Charlotte Amalie bay.

5. Shop till you Drop! St. Thomas isn’t known as the shopping star of the Caribbean for nothing. Whether you fancy pearls and diamonds or shirts and watches, St. Thomas has it all. Be sure to stop by our Del Sol stores for custom color-changing clothing and accessories that are unique to St. Thomas only. Green House Cafe is an excellent stop for lunch – get the coconut chicken with pineapple – it’s to die for.

Of course, this list doesn’t have everything St. Thomas has to offer. But, if you’re able to get these Top 5 in, you won’t be disappointed.

What else would you add to the list? What’s your all-time favorite St. Thomas attraction?

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