Experience Del Sol for Yourself – It Changes Everything

Photo Credit: U-Create-Crafts - Becky James

Photo Credit: U-Create-Crafts – Becky James

While walking along Nassau’s sun-drenched Bay Street in the Bahamas, you’ll probably hear the following enthusiastic shout-out from the colorful Del Sol store at the center of town: “The ship captain called and told us you were coming. We’ve got something to show you. Come on in. You’ve gotta see this for yourself.”

You’re intrigued and humored, so you step inside. You exit the hot, ordinary world outside to the air-conditioned, extraordinary world of Del Sol, a state of continuous sunny bliss. You quickly note that the store music is upbeat, the store fragrance is refreshing, and the store energy is contagious.

The friendly Bahamian Del Sol employees walk you over to what they call a “Sun Station,” which is designed to safely simulate the sun’s UV rays. Interesting. They hold up a white T-shirt with a fairly colorless shirt print on it, and they tell you to remember what it looks like indoors (without sunlight). “Remember what it looks like indoors? What does that even mean?”

They place the shirt over the “Sun Station” for a few seconds and ask you to repeat the magic words, “Just add sun.” They hold up the shirt again, but this time it’s completely changed to vibrant colors. You can’t believe your eyes, and you can’t help but exclaim, “Wow! How did that just happen?” Several more people have now come in off the street and are excitedly enjoying the Del Sol magic show with you. The staff tells everyone that it’s magic, but you know better, so you ask for more explanation. They tell you that the sun’s actual UV rays cause the shirt prints to change colors and, without sunlight, they return to their original colors. In fact, everything in the store changes colors with sunlight – shirts, sunglasses, hair accessories, jewelry, flip-flops, and even their nail polish!

The frenzy ensues. People are pulling clothing and nail polish and sunglasses off the shelves and testing them at the Sun Stations and walking out in the actual sun to see the amazing color change as well. It feels like a flock of children in a candy store. Seeing the colors appear right before your very eyes just doesn’t get old.


This is what happens every day from sunrise to sunset at Del Sol. It’s what recently happened for this Del Sol-sponsored Click Cruiser, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, who personally witnessed the in-store Del Sol experience for herself.

Whenever this happens for our customers, three things inevitably occur…

1. They’re inspired to have fun in the sun with Del Sol’s color-changing products.

2. They want to share them with their friends and families.

3. They relive their vacation memories every time they see their shirt, nail polish or whatever they purchased change color in the sun.

Click Cruiser, and U-Create Crafts co-owner/co-blogger, Becky James’ Del Sol experience was no exception, of course. She was even inspired to create her own nail art using Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish.


It’s true, before seeing and experiencing Del Sol firsthand for yourself, most people don’t quite get what it’s all about. But, once they do – not only do they count it as one of the best experiences of their vacations, but they also can’t wait to go back and do it again.

What do you love most about Del Sol? Where’s your favorite Del Sol store for enjoying the Del Sol experience?

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