Del Sol Products Support Students’ Solar Science Projects


Del Sol customers aren’t the only ones who find Del Sol’s color-changing clothing and accessories so fascinating and enjoyable. Educators and students from all over the world contact Del Sol to use our sun-activated products to support their science experiments or to serve as object lessons in their solar science or sun awareness projects.

We love the ongoing intrigue and interest in Del Sol’s technology and, any time it enhances the learning experience, it’s a bonus all around. One such experience recently took place in an AP Environmental Science Class at Jordan High School, a local school just around the corner from Del Sol’s corporate headquarters.

This environmental science and biology teacher, Heather Gooch, diligently went above and beyond to enhance her students’ solar energy lessons by arranging to pick up several Del Sol products to go along with their class experiments. “This group of students is awesome and the subject (solar energy) is right on point with your company. We have also been learning about land use and sustainability, and so your line of bamboo products are equally as relevant and valid in the curriculum.”

Overall, their projects were very successful, and combining science and sunshine yielded the results they were looking for.

Ms. Gooch had this to say afterward: “Thank you very much for all of the products you donated to my program. The students loved them. I really liked how the curriculum was right in line (solar, UV light) with your products.”

“We took pictures in the classroom with their new items as well as some students holding the petri dishes with UV sensitive yeast cells grown on agar gel. The gel was covered on one half of the dish and that half were protected from the sun and grew just fine in the incubator, and the half that was exposed did not grow because of the UV damage.”

“After passing out the items, we went outside for about 20 minutes and enjoyed the sun and played Frisbee. The [color-changing] shirts were fantastic (lots of color and details).”

This class is the only AP Environmental Science offered in all of the Canyons School District. It’s a small group but numbers for next year have already come in, and the class will be tripling in size. Great to see.

Glad Del Sol could shed some light on your solar experiments. Keep having fun in the sun!

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