Del Sol Launches New Color-Changing Sol Skateboards!

Del Sol this week launched its much-anticipated, color-changing Sol Skateboards™ (penny boards) to Del Sol stores worldwide.

Customers can choose between two penny-board-style skateboards that feature Del Sol’s Spectrachrome technology, which is what makes the boards change from clear without sunlight to either blue or purple with sunlight. Sol Skateboards are available in Del Sol stores and available on in August.


“Whether you’re grinding, carving or cruising down Main Street, Del Sol’s new, sun-stoked skateboards will let customers catch air and rays at the same time,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol AVP of Communications. “They’re the first of their kind and a Del Sol exclusive.”

Sol Skateboard™ Features & Benefits:

  • Vibrant color change combined with a sweet board makes for even more fun in the sun.
  • Sturdy truck, axle, bushing and wheel construction throughout for a smooth, sunny ride.
  • Dimensions: 22” long x 6” wide (Retail Price: $79)
  • Multi-location, matching Del Sol branding embellishments.
  • A penny board is a smaller, lighter weight skateboard that’s typically composed of plastic with hard metal trucks and bearings. The first plastic skateboards were introduced in 1983 by smaller skateboard companies, often owned by skateboarders themselves. The variety of colors and designs make them a popular fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults, influencing clothing styles, music and street culture.


    “The main benefit of penny boards over skateboards and long boards is their compact size that fits easily in small spaces, making it the ideal choice for traveling (fits in most suitcases – even a carry on) and getting around campus or town (fits easily under your seat or in a locker),” said Brian Ciccotelli, Del Sol Sales Training Manager.

    The first plastic skateboard was created in 1973 by Larry Stevenson, a former Venice Beach lifeguard who developed a line of plastic boards for his skateboard brand, Makaha. The plastic skateboard,known as a penny board, was revamped by Ben Mackay in 2011, from which the brand Penny Skateboards was created.

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