Del Sol Key Chains Unlock Color Change with Sunlight

Most key chains we see these days serve two purposes: they add personality to our keys and help us find them more easily. Del Sol color-changing key chains, on the other hand, do much more.

For one, they change color with sunlight, which by itself, is something unique and entertaining. And two, they remind you of your vacation under the sun every time you see them change color outside on a sunny day.

Del Sol is now unlocking even more color change with the recent introduction of NINE new color-changing key chains. Each new key chain style is constructed of softer materials and has more on-trend sizing. They’re also available in the following new colors: deep pink, orange, blue and red.

Surfboard (clear to blue), Turtle (clear to red), Dolphin (clear to purple), and Flower (clear to pink) key chains

DelSolKeychainsSept2015 2DelSolKeychainsSept2015 3DelSolKeychainsSept2015 4DelSolKeychainsSept2015 5

Frog (clear to orange), Gecko (clear to red), Sun (clear to orange), and Penguin (clear to blue) key chains

DelSolKeychainsSept2015 6DelSolKeychainsSept2015 8DelSolKeychainsSept2015 7DelSolKeychainsSept2015 9

Shark (clear to blue) key chain

DelSolKeychainsSept2015 10

Key chains are fun and generic so they make great gifts for every interest, age and gender. They’re also ideal for those friends you need to buy something for, but you don’t really want to spend a lot of money.

These classic, iconic key chain styles have universal appeal – all are custom, proprietary styles that are made by and for Del Sol. They’re one of a kind and exclusively for those who love to have fun in the sun! And, remember, these key chains do more than just change color… find out how in the following list:

Del Sol Key Chains Do More Than Decorate Your Keys

1. Makes a unique “show ‘n tell” piece to entertain yourself and your friends.
2. Reminds you of those sunny days spent at the beach or lake when you first bought this key chain.
3. They’re creative party favors or gifts that can be used as object lessons or reminders to spread a little sunshine.
4. The more vibrant the color change of your key chain, the stronger the UV index – good reminder to apply sunscreen.
5. For teachers and youth leaders who want to get something for 20+ people, key chains are a great solution.

Del Sol key chains sell for $4 online and in stores. Which is your favorite style? Which style or color of key chain would you like to see from Del Sol? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Del Sol Key Chains Unlock Color Change with Sunlight

  1. I am trying to get a few of the purple gecko keychains. How can I get some? Thank you, Kim

  2. I really NEED to order a flower keychain. Does it really only come in pink?

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