Del Sol Brightens Spirits at Kids Cancer Alliance Summer Camps


Del Sol recently had the privilege of donating hundreds of its color-changing products to the Kids Cancer Alliance summer camps in the Lake Cumberland are of Kentucky.

The camps are host to approximately 200 children between the Oncology Camp program and the Sibling Camp programs. They also have children in the hospitals who are unable to attend the camps but will get some of the ‘goodies’ that these summer camps offer. They take ‘camp’ to them!

“Thank you so much for the Del Sol donation! Our kids really loved the color-changing hair clips and [Del Sol-Disney] backpacks, which we gave out at their arrival to use during the week, and we used all the smaller items in our “camp store” where kids can purchase them with tokens we give them as rewards for acts of kindness or bravery. They really added a lot of smiles and a pop of color to our camps this year,” said Brandon Woehrle, Administrative Assistant for Kids Cancer Alliance.


They still have several Del Sol products left over to use in their hospital programs and for other events as well.

“We’re grateful that Del Sol could be involved in such a worthwhile experience for these amazing kids,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol VP of Communications. “Del Sol’s mission is to create fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun, and our color-changing products help us to accomplish that in more ways than one.”

Kids Cancer Alliance was started in 1981 as a joint effort between a group of volunteers. Their vision was to provide a “normal” camping experience for children with cancer. This was a very novel idea at the time since there were only five other oncology camps across the country. During that first summer, 20 campers attended camp including both oncology patients and their siblings. The 30-member volunteer staff consisted of doctors and nurses from the University of Kentucky as well as members of the community.

In recent years, Kids Cancer Alliance expanded its services to children with cancer and their families and, thus, became Kids Cancer Alliance, Inc. in 2013. Kids Cancer Alliance now proudly offers oncology and sibling camps, teen and family retreats, quarterly events and in-hospital programs, as well as financial support all completely free to children with cancer and their families. As a non-profit organization, Kids Cancer Alliance relies entirely on donations and volunteers to keep its programs completely free for every kid, sibling, and family. They’re endorsed by Children’s Oncology Camp Association-International, Kentucky Cancer Program, Better Business Bureau, and the Kentucky Non-profit Network.

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