Color-Changing Nail Polish Bracket – Round of 32

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish Bracket

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Color-Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish, which changes colors when exposed to sunlight, is one of the company’s best sellers. Everyone has their go-to color. We want to know what yours is, so we created the Color-Changing Nail Polish Bracket.

Each polish is grouped into four categories — glitter, shimmer, matte and neon — and seeded into a match-up.

Throughout the week, we want you to take the bracket challenge, helping us determine which color is Del Sol’s all-time favorite. It’s simple. All you have to do is cast your vote below every day to make sure your beloved nail polish moves to the next round. We’ll have rounds of 32, 16, 8 and 4 to arrive at the color-changing nail polish championship (see below). The polish with the most votes in the championship wins, becoming FREE with any purchase October 12!

It’s time to get your game on. Start voting, sharing and voting some more! We expect you to get your family and friends involved to make sure your favorite polish becomes Del Sol’s favorite.

Voting will start 9:00am MST and end at 9:00am MST the next day. See below for voting dates:

Wednesday, October 7: Round of 32 – VOTING FOR THIS ROUND IS NOW OVER
Thursday, October 8: Sweet 16
Friday, October 9: Elite Eight
Saturday, October 10: Final Four
Sunday, October 11: Championship

Monday, October 12 – Columbus Day: The polish that wins the bracket will be FREE with any purchase!

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Graffiti VS Barely There Color-Changing Nail Polish



Taken For Granite VS Bling It On Color-Changing Nail Polish



Glitz & Glam VS Twice As Ice Color-Changing Nail Polish



VIP VS Bad To The Bone Color-Changing Nail Polish



Calm & Cool VS Blue-tiful Color-Changing Nail Polish



Don't Be Jaded VS Better Slate Than Never Color-Changing Nail Polish



Oh, Boy! VS No Foolin' Color-Changing Nail Polish



May I? VS Now You See It Color-Changing Nail Polish



Senior Prom VS Something Blue Color-Changing Nail Lacquer



Foxy VS Reckless Color-Changing Nail Lacquer



Mint To Tell You VS I Believe In Pink Color-Changing Nail Lacquer



Hottie! VS Don't Be Jealous Color-Changing Nail Lacquer



Rose Upon Rose VS Yell-o! Color-Changing Nail Varnish



Orange You Glad VS Green Light Red Light Color-Changing Nail Varnish



After Party VS Trippin' Out Color-Changing Nail Varnish



Get Your Pink On VS Life's A Beach Color-Changing Nail Varnish



74 thoughts on “Color-Changing Nail Polish Bracket – Round of 32

  1. I love nail polish and love del sol! If I could win this it would be great!!!!

  2. I love your products and so does my granddaughters

  3. Reckless is the first one I purchased years ago and it’s still my favorite but the program was not allowing me to vote for this one. 🙁 Please keep it! It’s wonderful! 😉

  4. I love the colour changing nail polish. They are great, 2 colors in one bottle

  5. I LOVE the Del Sol color changing nail polishes! This is always my favorite purchase when I go on a cruise, which will actually be this Sunday!!! Can’t wait to see what is new and different to bring back for all my girls!

  6. Love the off white that changes to pale pink as it goes with everything

  7. This was a super fun idea! I love Del Sol! I have 2 pairs of sunglasses, a few tshirts, a swimsuit cover, and like 10 of your nail polishes. =)

  8. Love Del Sol! Always a stop when shopping in Cozumel.

  9. I bought a bottle of your nail polish this summer while vacationing at Myrtle Beach and I love it!! The best nail polish ever!

  10. Love all the nail changing polishes and hope I win one

  11. I have 2 bottles of the Del Sol color change polish in Foxy & Sweet 16. Love them!

  12. Thanks! I purchased a few of the Del Sol polishes when I was in Nassau!

  13. LOVE color changing nail polishes.

    I’m really happy that the newer color combinations are stronger than some of the earlier ones, but still acceptable for mature adults to wear.

  14. I love love your products not only the nail polish but your shirts, hats & my all time favorite your hoodies… We’re planning a cruise to Cozumel very soon I can’t wait to stop & shop at your del sol store I would like to purchase a hoodie my husband bought one on our last cruise and I loved it so I now want one of my own I hope I can find a black one… I also tell family, friends and even people I meet about your products I use a nail polish I got on our last visit to your store I get compliments on my nail polish all the time… I’m a very satisfied customer…
    A. Johnson

  15. I been buying your product for at least twenty years and I just love it.

  16. Love this polish but cannot get the color I like anymore(vilot/aqua).

  17. I love my Del Sol polish and shirts and hats and …

  18. Didn’t know there were so many delicious colors can’t wait to try them

  19. That was so fun! I am glad that you made a contest more fun!!

  20. Del Sol has a nail polish combo for every mood. It is amazing to see everyone’s reactions to the changes!

  21. I love del sol I wish I had one close. I can’t wait to vote the next round.

  22. Absolutely in love with almost all the nail polish. Your products are one of a kind!!!

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