4 Simple Steps to Applying Nail Appliques

New to nails? Grab a friend, follow this colorful Infographic and, in four easy steps, you could be applying nail appliques like a pro:


Items Needed:
1. Color-Changing Appliques
2. Emery Board
3. Cuticle Pusher

Step 1: Shape your nails and clean them with rubbing alcohol or polish remover. Match the right size applique for each finger. You know, smallest applique goes on pinky, etc.

Step 2: Remove the applique from the card packaging and apply it to your nail, starting from the base of the nail and working toward the tip.

Step 3: Press down firmly on the applique and hold for 5-10 seconds. Your body heat from pressing down will activate the adhesive.

Step 4: Use the emery board and cuticle pusher to trim and shape the applique to fit your nail.

With new color-changing nail appliques firmly and beautifully in place, you’re now ready to go outside and have fun in the sun!

While we love our color-changing nail polish, these color-changing nail appliques are beneficial for those who are looking for stylish nails designs that require no dry time, are very easy to apply, and last up to 14 days!

Do you have any other tricks or tips for applying nail appliques to your nails? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to know what else works for you.

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