Zig-Zag Holiday Color-Changing Nail Art Tutorial

Looking for a festive nail design to go with your holiday merry making and winter wardrobe? Del Sol has a beautiful color-changing nail art design that will match the spirit of the season shade for shade. This zig-zag holiday color-changing nail art design uses Del Sol’s recently introduced “Better Slate Than Never,” which changes from a dusky gray color without sunlight to a beautiful burgundy color with sunlight. This seasonal design transforms with sunlight from a less-vibrant crisscross look to a brightly colored Christmas gift, wrapped in red ribbon, right before your eyes.

Get outside and warm up your holiday season when you see your nails change color beneath the December sunshine. Watching your nails change color in a fairly colorless, wintery world is always an enjoyable experience. Invite your friends to join in. We guarantee this new design and polish will become a favorite in your color-change collection.

The zig-zag design in this color-changing nail art design begins with a coat of Del Sol’s clear base coat followed by several coats of Del Sol’s ‘Better Slate Than Never’ polish. After drying, put on thin strips of tape in a zig-zag pattern. Then, paint over your entire nail with a non-color-changing bluish-green polish. Next, peal off the tape while the polish is still wet. Lastly, let your nails dry and finish them off with Del Sol’s top coat. Both inside and outside designs are stylish and watching it change right on your fingers is always exciting to see.

This design spotlights a fun, colorful look that goes well with the season and your holiday outings under the sun. This specific color-changing polish is part of Del Sol’s new fall and winter polish lines, which you can find here.

See this zig-zag holiday design change colors with sunlight in this helpful nail art tutorial. Color-changing nails can be yours with the slightest touch of sunlight, letting your nails shimmer and shine whenever you step into the sun’s brilliant spotlight.

Join Del Sol’s nail art fun wherever you call home with our color-changing Del Sol nail polish and share this nail art tutorial with your friends and families. Remember to subscribe.

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