Lifetime-Guaranteed Del Sol Sunglasses are Best under the Sun


Sunglasses have never been cooler than with Del Sol’s color-changing technology! Trendy and fun, Del Sol color-changing shades come in a variety of styles and colors.

Choosing a color isn’t a chore because now you have the versatility of two colors in just one pair of sunglasses. No matter your style preference, there’s a pair of sunglasses for everyone! Simply step out into the sun and see the magic of color-changing sunglasses unfold.

Experience the Difference

Del Sol’s sunglasses for women are designed for both fashion and safety. If you’re looking for a fun twist on a classic look, these frames are a must! Prefer to have thicker frames to prevent any sun coming in from peripheral vision? You don’t get any better than these! Say goodbye to annoying glare and hello to 100% polarized lenses. Our sunglasses resist 100% of UVA/UVB rays and protect your eyes from sun damage. These glasses are not meant to stay in the car. Throw them in your purse, play volleyball on the beach, and take them everywhere!

Del Sol’s sunglasses are impact-resistant and durable. We stand behind the quality of our sunglasses and even offer a lifetime guarantee against theft, loss, and damage. Our sunglasses include hundreds of color variations developed by our experts from around the world. Del Sol’s chemists have tested over 10,000 color-changing variations and are still working to develop more!

For us at Del Sol HQ, in addition to our Solize Sunglasses’ amazing color-changing frames, we love the polarized lenses that block glare and bring out richer colors in your surroundings. We love to get outside and explore the Wasatch Mountains in our polarize-lens sunglasses – they’re simply the best. What more could you ask for when protecting your irreplaceable eyes.

The Science Behind the Product

Our line of color-changing sunglasses harnesses the energy of the sun with Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight through a molecular excitation transition. While the sunglasses appear to change color, it’s actually the molecular crystals that change with an energy shift that makes them visible.

See our latest selection of color-changing sunglasses here and tell us which style and color you love most in the comments.

71 thoughts on “Lifetime-Guaranteed Del Sol Sunglasses are Best under the Sun

  1. I purchased a pair of sunglasses while on a cruise Thanksgiving week. The lens have come out, now what do I do. It the the guarantee code: PT7DKKMCKPM4. Hope that is right.

  2. I bought my sunglasses while I was on a cruise and lost them.

  3. I have a lifetime warranty on my Bahama sunglasses by Solize but I cannot find that style on your website. Is there a way I could get this style from you for my replacement?? I really like how these fit.

  4. Your replacement website isn’t working. I have a pair of glasses that were stolen and would like to replace them.
    what do i do?

  5. I bought a pair of your sunglasses on a cruise and was told to register them on “ I have not been successful in doing so, and would like a link to register my guarantee code (VJMEJ34AWFp7).

    Can you help me?

  6. I have tried to use your guarantee website but it says not available. I need to claim a loss of my DelSol Sunglasses.

  7. I bought a pair of your terrific sunglasses in January while on vacation of this year and the arm broke right off. I also purchased another pair wile in San Francisco. However I would like a replacement for the first pair. I had registered them I bought the exact ones so the Item # is 60680STS I believe they have the same number . I will go on the website and see if I can find them or something close Thanking you in advance. Sherry Mirsky . Oh, by the way I have a small shape face so most sunglasses fit to loose, and these were perfect Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. My gym bag was stolen had the solize sunglasses in it. Code qyktcy37ewqk. Hgreiff 9004 vineydlkdr pltnfl33324 thanks

  9. My sunglasses have been stolen how to I get a replacement?my code w3utrvtrn4da

  10. I have lost my sun glasses. Got them while on a cruise

  11. I have lost my sun glasses. Got them while on a cruise the code is 4aqvnuwhpp7u thanks

  12. I have a pair of Del Sol glasses purchased in June 14 in Bahamas. The lens have a milky film by the nose piece that obstructs my vision. I have the receipt and box. Tell me how to get them replaced. I visited a Del Sol store in Cozumel last week and they said I had to do on line.

  13. The piece that goes on my ear broke. Please let me know where to return them and how I go about requesting a replacement pair, Thank you.

  14. Thanks for letting us know. Forgive the delay in getting back to you on this. Please contact our Customer Service Dept. at and they’ll help you out.

  15. buen dia
    soy de Peru y queria saber si puedo hacer pedidos por correo y me llegue
    y la otra pregunta es si tienen sucursales en Bogota – Colombia

  16. Gracias por su preguntas. No enviamos correo (shipping) en Peru o Colombia. Lo siento.

    No tenemos tiendas en Colombia.

  17. Hello, I already used my replacement code and received my replacement…unfortunately the replacement got stolen. The replacement did not come with a Guarantee Code. Is there anything that can be done?

  18. We bought our son a pair of del sol sunglasses while on a cruise for a souvenir. He loved them until he left them at the construction site and someone else took them. How do we get these replaced?

  19. We need to replAce a pair of stolen sunglasses.

  20. I have lost the guarantee on two pair of sunglasses. I can send you pictures if you need me to on them.
    One pair the nose pieces have worn off and the other the lenses are badly damaged.
    Thank you for your help

  21. I purchased a pair of glasses and lost them. I was sent a replacement and the lens has come out. I have the original guarantee, but can not find the replacement guarantee. The original guarantee is V4AFFPMRWPK4

  22. Our apologies about the issues you’ve experienced with the sunglasses. Our Customer Service team will help you get them replaced. Please contact them at

  23. Is the guarantee just good for one replacement?

  24. TIP: Save the replacement guarantee code certificate in a fireproof safe so you know exactly where to find it. When you redeem it, mark it redeemed to avoid confusion.

    My question is that can I save the $10 shipping and handling charge if I bring a replacement certificate with a valid unused code to a Del Sol store?

  25. do I need to reister my new pair of sunglasses for life time warrinty gauarantee?

  26. Yes. Please contact our Customer Service Team, and they’ll be able to assist you further. Thanks!

  27. I purchased a pair of glasses while on a cruise. One lens kept popping out I kept reinstalling the lens into the frame till Once I didn’t find the lens. I paid to have a replacement sent it arrived with a missing lens what at a didappointment.

  28. Really sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with your sunglasses. Very disappointing indeed. We’d be glad to make it right. Please let us know what we can do — of course part of that being getting you a pair of Solize that’s not defective, as this is not the norm. You can contact us at Please mention that you received word from Scott Brady in the media department.

  29. I purchased a pair of Solize in my car char/grn Back in July on a cruise. I have broken a lens and wish to use my garentee.
    I have lost my card with the code. Is there any thing else I can do?

  30. I’m from Australia & while visiting Alaska last year I bought a pair of Delsol Sunglasses. I love them, but have had a few problems with them. – the mirror finish on the lenses is coming off.
    – they don’t seem to be changing colour as vibrantly as they used to either.
    – the lenses have popped out a few times.
    All this has happened during normal wear. I even use a different pair of sunglasses for working outside to make sure, my delsole glasses remain my ‘good’ pair.
    I recently found this website & noticed there is a lifetime garentee on delsol glasses and was wondering where I stand with my glasses only being 9 months old?

  31. Dear Sir, I purchased two pairs of sunglasses from you on two separate cruises. The first pair I lost and don’t have a code for because it was 2years ago. The second pair I just bought at the end of March. Code no. HMJFTF3JXDUE. I started to put the glasses on and one of the arms broke off into my hands! Thanks for your response! Kathy

  32. How do I get a replacement for my glasses. The lens keeps falling out?

  33. I ordered a replacement pair 8 weeks ago, guarantee code patvvdhruuhw and paid the shipping and have not received them. what is the status of my order

  34. Thanks for asking about this, Richard. Please contact our Customer Service team at They’ll be able to find out what’s going on and where your replacement pair is.


  36. I bought my DelSol sunglasses while on a cruise. They have a broken ear piece. I love my glasses. Please replace. Thank you. Norma

  37. Sorry my Guarantee code is JQ5DAW5MWUQ7.

  38. the lens keeps falling out they told me to send a pic but don’t know how to sent a pic phone number is 863 808 6150

  39. Thanks for providing us with a comment on your sunglasses. Sorry about your lens not staying put. That shouldn’t be happening. Do you have someone who can help you take a picture on their phone and email us the picture?

    Let our Customer Service Team know about your situation. They should be able to assist you. Email them at

  40. Thanks for asking about our sunglasses. Unfortunately, we do not carry any prescription glasses.

  41. my glasses broke looking to get a replacement

  42. Beat this one. I lost my del sols and realized I had throw away the wrong case containing my unused warranty.

  43. David from the UK.

    I Bought my delsol sunglasses in the Bahamas on vacation, they broke three years later and were replaced without any trouble. Shipped to the UK for a tiny fee, arrived safely within 10 days.

    These are the best make of sunglasses I’ve ever purchased, the guarantee which delsol provide does exactly what it says on the tin.

    What a refreshing, reassuring breathe of fresh air that a company does what it says and is honest, especially in this ridiculous self obsessed world we all live in today.

    Definitely recommend to anyone 100%

    So thank you delsol.

  44. I am trying to get the guarantee code for my wife’s glasses. Can’t seem to find it.

  45. I bought these sunglasses when i was on a cruise and i sat on them bend them can’t wear them no longer- guarantee code XVYPTFX7QDJR

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