Del Sol Launches New Soles Flip-Flops Line

This week, Del Sol introduced week four new women’s flip-flops and three new men’s flip-flops under the company’s Soles line. The new sandal styles change from one color without sunlight to a completely different color with sunlight. All new styles are created and designed by Del Sol’s product and development team.

Available exclusively at Del Sol’s online and retail stores, the new flip-flops resemble a tropical, Hawaiian look that’s trending in many of today’s mainstream markets. Each flip-flop is named after one of Del Sol’s favorite beaches or beach resorts.

color-changing Soles flip-flops for women

Adding new Soles styles to Del Sol’s color-changing product mix is a positive step toward bringing customer’s a more complete color-change wardrobe.

Whatever sky you’re under, whichever beach you wander, these new flip-flops are a sol-ful platform to launch new adventures under the sun.

• New sizing options
• New color-change applications: rhinestones, printed straps, silicone straps & embellishments
• New comfort-fit foot beds
• New durable construction of straps and soles

See all of Del Sol’s new color-changing Soles flip-flops here.

5 thoughts on “Del Sol Launches New Soles Flip-Flops Line

  1. open shoes consisting of a sole and various straps, leaving much of the foot exposed to air. They are thus popular for warm-weather wear, because they let the foot be cooler than a closed-toed shoe would.

  2. I am an trying to find a supplier of your flip flops in England . I bought a pair on a cruise some years ago and would love another pair .

  3. I am trying to purchase a pair of your colour changing flip flops. I bought a pair whilst in port on a cruise a few years ago and would dearly love another pair.
    Can you please let me know where I can find a supplier.

  4. Our previous line of flip-flops is no longer available, but we’re introducing our newest line of flip-flops (very similar to the previous one) within the next couple months. Watch for those on

  5. I am wanting size 5 colour changing del sol flip flops also. .I got my original ones when on a cruise with a free colour changing tote bag..
    Is there anywhere in England can get some more.

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