Signature Hits Magazine Reviews Del Sol Color-Changing Keychain

Del Sol Seahorse Keychain Review
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Del Sol, specializing in crystal technology and organic dyes that produce an affect that surprises and delights its customers. Check out this seahorse keychain and it’s before and after photos.

color changing seahorse key chaing indoorscolor changing seahorse keychain outdoors

Yes, it comes in different colors, no it doesn’t come in white and purple. I know, I know, and now because of the photos you’re confused. The keychain you see above is one in the same. Del Sol specializes in products that change color when exposed to sunlight. It’s a little bit of that now you see it, now you don’t magic trick. While indoors make sure to set your car keys on the table and let everyone ooo and aaaah over your cute little seahorse. Later that day for coffee, sit inside by the window and let your little seahorse sunbath in the sunlight. See how long it takes them to notice that it’s turned completely purple. For some real fun, insist to them that it was purple the whole time and see how long you can keep up the charade before they figure it out and start planning their own form of payback. Play at your own risk! Del Sol is not responsible for frustration amongst friends.

You can buy this keychain at, but they have several to choose from and they come in different colors so choose wisely, or for $4.00 each you could just grab a couple and share them with friends and family. I promise you’ll be the only people walking around with these little gadgets.

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