Del Sol Introduces Color-Changing Sol Ball & Bat Set

Del Sol’s new bat and ball set knocks it outta the park with Big-Leauge color change. Not only is this new set a breakthrough in color-changing innovation, but it’s also a bright, new addition to Del Sol’s boy product offering. Boys and kids of all ages will love the bounce, durability, and color change of this world-exclusive, color-changing bat and ball set by Del Sol!

It’s the first-ever color-changing bat & ball set that changes from white to blue (bat) and clear to blue (ball) with sunlight, then returning to their original colors without sunlight.

Bat & Ball Features:
• Bat – 28 inches
• Ball – 10-inch circumference
• Sol Ball has building-high bounces! Watch your windows.
• Textured-grip, sturdy bat

Retail Price: $19

color changing Sol Ball and Bat set

The Sol Bat has one of the deepest, most vivid color changes of any Del Sol product! The bat has easy-to-grip ridges on the handle so it won’t slip when you swing. It’s great for a fun game of baseball on the beach.

The ball is bouncy – it is not like a plastic whiffle ball. It flies farther and is easier to hit, catch, and throw. This set is perfect for younger children who are still learning how to play baseball.

Parents are looking for ways to get their kids to put down their video games and be more physically active. The bat and ball set fills this need. The color change makes children want to get outside, and the bat and ball gets them to be more physically active.

Earlier this month, TSA made an announcement that on April 25 changes will be enacted to the regulations of carry-on items for air travel. Among these changes, novelty bats will now be allowed as carry-on baggage items.

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