Spotted Del Sol Tote Bags – Ohio & New York

Del Sol color-changing tote bags pop up everywhere these days. Del Sol fans see them sporadically in public places all the time. It’s so funny and fascinating to see where they end up and what they’re being used for. Here are two more that were sent our way:

This first tote was spotted in Manhattan, New York by Margie R. Where’s it heading? Where has it been? Is it going to cross the bridge. It’s looking steady and ready for whatever comes its way.

Del Sol Tote Bag Spotted in Manhattan

This next one was spotted in Columbus, Ohio by Alicia L. Is it disputing a fender bender in the parking lot? Is it shooting the breeze with an old friend – not to be named?

Del Sol Color Change Tote Spotted in Columbus, Ohio

We love seeing Del Sol color-changing totes in public, so please keep emailing us your spotted tote pictures to Thank you!

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