Spot the Del Sol Bag! Two More Spotted out West.

Del Sol color-changing tote bags are everywhere these days. It’s so fun to see them sporadically in public places. So funny and fascinating to see where they end up and what they’re being used for.

This first tote was spotted in Cameron Park, California by Courtney. What’s it doing? Where’s it going? No matter what, though, it’s looking good.

Spotted Del Sol Tote Bag in Cameron Park, CA

This next one was spotted in Scottsdale, Arizona by Megan Q. It’s a tight shot, not giving much to the imagination, but it likes the spotlight, and it looks like it likes bumping into close friends on the go.

Spotted Del Sol Tote Bag in Scottsdale, Arizona

We love seeing Del Sol color-changing totes in public, so please keep emailing us your spotted tote pictures. Thank you!

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