Mom is Blessed Praises Del Sol Color Change

Here’s a snip-it of the Del Sol product review by Mom is Blessed:

I am always excited to have the chance to review unique and fun products. Recently I was given the opportunity to review some really cool items from Del Sol. Del Sol was established in 1994 and today is the world’s leading brand of color changing apparel and accessories.

The clips are really cute and are not too small. As soon as you step out into the sun the change starts happening immediately. It is really cool to watch. When you return inside the butterflies change back to clear. My daughter really loves them.

I also received: Color Change Nail Polish in Ruby Slipper.

This nail polish goes on evenly and dries quickly. I love the sparkle effect. The color change is dramatic from a silvery shade indoors to a really great ruby color in the sunlight. I am really impressed.

I also received: Color Change Nail Polish in Surfer Girl.

This nail polish is a really pretty shade of light pink indoors and turns a really vibrant golden yellow in the sunlight. I was amazed at the change in color. I am totally hooked.

Thanks for the lovely review! You can see and read her entire review here.

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