Life in the Lost World’s Holiday Review of Del Sol Color Change

Del Sol Color-Changing T-Shirts – Review & Giveaway
By Life in the Lost World

I have some ultra fun products to tell you about today that I think would be great for your holiday gift giving!

Using their own proprietary Spectrachrome® color-changing crystals, Utah based Del Sol makes a line of incredible color changing clothing and accessories that you simply have to see to believe! Much like a flower in bloom, the Spectrachrome® color-changing crystals open in response to sunlight, revealing their hidden colors.

Recently, we were invited to try several of these unique garments and tell you about them here today. We were blessed with a pair of Solize Sunglasses, a Grunge Gecko T-shirt, a Peace and Paisley long sleeved T and an adorable Rhinestone Princess T.

Peace & Paisley Color Changing Shirt indoorPeace & Paisley Color Changing Shirt outdoor

Due to the descriptions on the website, I expected color change, but wasn’t prepared for the amount of change we actually saw. I was blown away by the process! The colors INSTANTLY burst into view as we walked out into the sun. I expected a much slower change, I think, but this was, seriously, in the blink of an eye. I made young Daniel walk in and out several times just so I could see it happen again and again, which didn’t impress him in the least! It’s amazing and I just never get tired of it, but as you can see from poor Daniel’s face, he did!

I was a little worried about laundering our shirts, although the washing instructions clearly stated that warm water wash and drying on low is ok. I needn’t have worried at all; our garments have survived several washes, so far, with no lessening of the color change ability. We were told, however, to NEVER use chlorine bleach when washing our Del Sol clothing as it will ruin the color-changing ability. Thanks to the fact that they’re made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, there’s been no shrinkage either so they truly look as nice today as the first time I lifted them out of their shipping box.

Del Sol is not just a one trick pony either. In addition to great T-shirts and sunglasses, they have an amazing line of products that range from fabulous color-changing nail polish (think orange to black for Halloween!) to hair accessories, footwear, cruise wear, jewelry and more! They’ve just introduced their great Disney line too!

Del Sol is also a company that gives back! Through humanitarian efforts, they have donated more than a million dollars worth of product and aid to victims of the Haitian earthquake, the South East Asia Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, as well as hundreds of other projects around the world. I like that!

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