Jaebum Fan Girl Reviews Del Sol Color-Changing Flip-Flops

Del Sol {Flip Flops} Review + Giveaway
Posted by: Alexa aka Jaebumfangirl on March 16, 2012

The COLOR-CHANGE Soles Flip Flops – Retro Flair arrived at my home in a great and durable package. Del Sol shipped my flip flops with care and consideration; the box had two AirPlus by Storopack to ensure that the products inside would not be damaged. My Soles Flip Flips was in perfect condition!

I instantly fell in love with these flip flops. Not only is the design so fun, but also the sturdy sole is great for me because I need a durable and long-lasting flip flop. Thin and overly flexible flip flops can easily wear out after a year. The clear straps are flexible to fit into any foot size. The straps appear to be made by some gel-like material, so you do not need to worry about the straps chaffing against your skin. It is very comfortable and fitting.

color changing flip flops by del sol

Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology allows for all their products to change color under the sun. This is hilarious and amazing for a geek like me.

The COLOR-CHANGE Soles Flip Flops- Retro Flair is perfect for the beach or the shower! Do you have a daughter going to college soon? Get these for her so that her feet does not touch the communal shower rooms.

Thanks for a great product review, Alexa. Click here to read and see her entire review.

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