Del Sol Color-Changing Tote Bags Spotted All Over the Map

Over the past several weeks, dozens of Del Sol fans have been emailing pictures for prizes of Del Sol tote bags that they spot at random in public places. It’s surprising to see how many spotted tote pictures have come in. From Brooklyn, New York to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, Del Sol color change spans the globe.

Here’s a recent spotted tote bag:
“My friend bought her bag when she went to the Bahamas, and I have loved it since then…but this day I was going to puppy sit her 2 mini-chihuahuas because they were going to Puerto Rico on another Carnival Cruise, and when I got to their apartment, I saw her husband with her Del Sol bag out walking one of the puppies. I thought it was so cute!!! You don’t see men walking around with a bag.” – Jesie F.

Del Sol Color Change Tote Spotted in Jacksonville, FL

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